Today I was approached by a company that requested whether I could be their Brand Ambassador due to the fact that I like to write about healthy lifestyle, and give my advice and opinion on what is best for your family.

At the same time I am setting up a giveaway with wine related items – be sure to check that one in about a week –

So I then asked myself? What is healthy lifestyle for my family? For our family, we try to only eat organic, farm fresh, farm raised meat and vegetables. We buy as little processed food as we can, at the same time, we try to save money on food where we can. The money that we are able to save on food we use for entertainment, for savings, and invest in our business as well. Healthy lifestyle is both about the right food, and the right mindset.

We have to be mindful of what we eat every day. It is easy to do with smart intelligent adults who are not picky eaters and who have all the time in the world. It is a little harder to do with children who refuse to eat all food that is good for you, and so we struggle. I find it is also hard for me to always eat healthy, even when I have all the food at my disposal. Healthy food for me means making it from scratch every time. But what do you do if you have a screaming baby, some out of the house commitments, and you work till 2 in the morning? When do I really have that precious time to make everything for scratch? And the fact is that I don’t! I don’t manage to eat everything made to order, from scratch. I have to rely on fast preparations sometimes when I am in a rush. I do have to try to stay healthy though, every minute, to be able to keep on going with my day as well.

This is sometimes hard to achieve. As much as I rely on fast frozen meals from trusted retailers, I also try to take my vitamins every day. Right now I am breastfeeding, and therefore I have to take my prenatal vitamins once a day!

I rely on prenatal vitamins from MyKind Organics Garden of Life. I was fortunate to be able to get a sample of those from the WOW Mom’s Meet Summit this October. This is a whole food multivitamin. These vitamins are certified organic and are vegan.

I find these vitamins are probably a better variety than regular ones as they are made with more natural ingredients. So, I always try to use these when I can.

Garden Organics is actually hosting a recipe contest. More about it here.

Sample was provided free of charge.

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