I have started blogging full-time just this year approximately in March. If you have enough time you may scroll back and see the exact date if you like. One of the reasons for starting blogging was the fact that I was inspired by Mom’s Meet site that I have been the member of for several years now, trying out and testing lots of products, and learning about healthy living.

I have always wanted to take a trip to their summit to learn about new healthy products, try samples, listen to lectures by distinguished speakers, and communicate and network with other Moms! I was so happy I made it this year! I was so excited to go to San Diego since I have never been there before, so this was the first trip to CA, to San Diego, and to the summit!

If you were following by Instagram, you would have seen lots of reports from sunny California from my trip. I am so glad we went! I had a blogger ticket, and my husband went as well, just through general admission. My goal on this summit was to meet with lots of different bloggers, brand representatives, and get inspired to write about new and modern health living.

There were lots of highlights of this trip, and I will try to show it through the pictures I took! I am not going to show here all of the pictures, just some, so sorry if I am not showing you in this post, but I cannot make it too long.

Well, one of the purposes of this article is to see whether it is worth it to go to a summit like this. I am not sure yet whether I would be going next year, that would remain to be decided by next spring, I think. I may also go to a similar summit, maybe not this one, I have to think about it.

Here are the great things that I have learned –

  • there are lots of brands that go to the summit. From the blogger perspective there is a lot of time to communicate and make those connections that are sometimes difficult to make by mail. The reason for me to meet with brands is to bring new content to my blog, as well as inspiration. I like to create recipes from already pre-manufactured items changing the ingredients, and creating new recipes. We are experimenting every day at home with new dishes, and I was happy to get to try lots of new products that I can incorporate into my cooking now.
  • there are lots of fellow bloggers at the summit to meet. Especially for those in the area, what a great chance to make friends and network!
  • Loved the training sessions for bloggers! Amanda Boyarshinov did a great job starting me off with tips about photography! She inspired me to set up a mini studio that I have ready now for exciting challenges and looking forward to creating amazing photos for my blog!
  • lots of samples! What a swag bag! Hundreds of dollars worth. I have paid for my ticket, and I got my husband’s ticket with the points I have accumulated through Mom’s Meet website activities. I certainly got my money’s worth in products and samples.photo 1 (2)
  • photo 2 (5)
  • photo 3
  • photo 4 (19)
  • Unfortunately, some of the samples I have received I will not be using. I have way too many similar to these already, so I will be giving a lot of these away in the coming days! Stay tuned for lots of giveaways coming up!
  • great way to learn about new trends in health living, meet like-minded people, talk with brand reps about the products and ask the questions you can’t ask in your local supermarket.
  • visiting sunny CA, enjoying the pool, then the beach, great food of San Diego. All the memories we have now – no money can buy that.

Here are some of the downsides of the summit:

  • we had to pay for the tickets to get to San Diego, as well as for the hotel. We also took our kids with us, so we paid quite a lot to get there. These costs may be prohibitive for a lot of bloggers who blog as a hobby or don’t make a lot through blogging. The hotel was just ok. It cost quite a bit but the rooms were quite dated. We liked the pool and the restaurant.

So, in this post I am just trying to summarize what I have experienced overall. If you are deciding whether to go or not to go next year – you can take these points into account. The costs are really the main issue here, and I think flying across the country to this summit may only be a good idea if you are making it a mini-vacation, otherwise moneywise it is not worth it. However, you will have a lot of products to take home!

I have met lots of great people during the summit. I have made connections with bloggers, met some bloggers that I have known only online, and met great people behind Mom’s Meet – we had a blast!

photo 4 (20)

photo 5 (2)

Lots of giveaways at the summit!

photo 3 (3)

Some more booths from the summit –

I posted this picture and won their prize – Manitoba Harvest bars!

photo 3 (32)

Met Green Valley Organics Representatives. We have talked a lot with them about their products. I also got a lot of coupons for dairy-free cream cheese, and working on a few recipes now – stay tuned!

photo 2 (7)

Great products from Redmond Trading – stay tuned for the giveaways!

photo 1 (8)

My baby eating Pearls olives at the Summit – she loves olives!

photo 4 (21)

Now here are some pictures to give an idea of what we did in sunny San Diego this October!

Yummy food at the hotel restaurant!

photo 2 (6)

First time eating Posole – one of the most comforting dishes in the world!

photo 5 (18)

Some Cuban food we tried in San Diego

photo 4 (22)

Fun times with the family

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (8)

photo 3 (33)

photo 5 (19)


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