Last night I was relaxing a bit after a long day, and working on a review of a book by Christine Benedict entitled “Anonymous”. I have to say that this is a mystery thriller. I am not a fan of mystery books, because I am a scaredy cat but this one is so easy to read, and it engulfs me with the events, and I just want to keep reading it to know the rest of the story, and I am brushing my fears aside.

I am still in the process of reading the book, I haven’t finished. I think with this book it has been taking me longer than I have anticipated to read it, but at this point I am enjoying it so much, I will definitely get to the end of it, despite the fact that I don’t always read books of this genre. A lot of dramatic plots are unravelling in the story, and it is very interesting to see how they are going to play out in the end.

Do I tell the story?

I think this book is written with a lot of skill – it is a worthy read if you like drama. I know that I am writing a book review, and there is a certain format that is usually expected to follow in reviews – talking about the story, what the book is about. I feel like if I tell about the book I will be uncovering some of the tantalizing details that would be so much more thrilling to read for the first time in the book itself, so I am always worried to make sure when I write my review I don’t give away anything.

All I can say though is that this book is a story of a girl who has moved to a new place, and the book go back quite a bit describing the characters in retrospect, giving color to their life, and explaining their behaviour due to their past. Every fact, every detail in the book plays a role, and that is why it is so mesmerizing to continue reading it as you really want to know how the story line is going to play out.

I also think this book takes a grown-up to read. I think it is quite heavy for a young reader – lots of details that you would not want a young mind to worry about – but it is quite dramatic, and definitely is piercing – you can’t help but suffer through the events with the characters, and the author masterfully plunges you into the action scene, and it truly feels like you are standing there with Debra, and living through it with her. The scenes are described with the sounds of insects, creaks of boards upstairs, smells of baked brownies, and this creates an unforgettable experience of the story coming to life, and you can feel it with all of your senses.

What a great read!

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