Received a par of yoga leggings recently, and wore them the next day! I loved them! They fit so well, I couldn’t believe it! I honestly didn’t have a lot of hopes for these as I was sure they would be too small for me, as I am a huge Momma, and I wear XL pants, size about 14 now, and I bought these in size L. The reason for buying size L, I sometimes do this purposefully to myself to check whether I can lose that much weight, to have these to wear as a prize of sorts. Saying to myself – here is a great new pair, you have to lose weight to fit in them.

With these ones though, I do not need to lose any more weight than I have already lost! They fit really well already, and they don’t fall off me or slide off me. I have great pairs of leggings that are similar from Gap that feel great but won’t stay on me at all. Sometimes it is so hard to buy clothing because you get something that seemed to fit well at the store only to find out that they won’t fit on you at home at all. I always have reservations like this for buying clothing online, but this pair of leggings definitely did not disappoint, in fact they turned out way better than I expected!

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These leggings fit sooo well, and they look like a million bucks! They do not slide anywhere, and they really hug your legs well. It is cold outside right now, and they did feel a bit cold when I stepped out in them, so I would say that they are better to wear in warm, cool weather, not for chilly weather.

These leggings are so versatile! I will use them for running, exercising, as well as just any regular day! I like it that in the belt area there is a built in phone carrier so you can listen to music as you exercise – this was an unexpected surprise for me!

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