So, here we are – it is the holiday season! I have promised some of my friends that I will be giving away something special at the end of the year, and so here we are – these are the 12 Days of Christmas!

My family is all home, and we will be celebrating this holiday season honoring Christmas, the New Year’s, and just good old time with the family, surrounded by warmth and calmness (we hope!) While I sit here and recollect the year, and think about what has been done, and what has been accomplished, I can’t help but thank my audience. My readers have been there for me, commenting, reading, and participating this whole year, inspiring me to create more great content, and giving me food for thought. I have had a few negative comments about what I do, but most people have been very kind!

I have set up lots of giveaways on my site, and there will be lots more to come in the new year. At this time I am giving away an Apple Sport watch and a watch stand. You can see a picture of the watch below, and if you cannot wait for this giveaway to end, you can always purchase the item for yourself.

This giveaway runs Dec 24 – Jan 5, US only, only 1 winner will be chosen. Box Roundup will be responsible for mailing out the prize, no substitutions, reimbursements or returns will be done once the prize is mailed out. One winner will have 48 hours to confirm the prize win, then another winner will be picked.

By participating in this giveaway you can also enter all of our other 12 giveaways on the blog – this is the season of gifts, and we are giving away over $1200 worth of products in all of our giveaways!

I hope that if you are reading this blog, you can understand that I value everything that this blog brings, and whatever I make through this blog I give back to my readers, or invest to create more stunning content. This year I was able to create 3 blogs, the 4th one is in the works; I was able to improve a lot in my blog knowledge, and work on improving the blog, and will continue my efforts in the coming year.

I hope that this coming year will bring only joy, happiness, and positive emotions for you and your family. I hope that the next year will bring you what you hope for. Everyone has his or her own different goals for the coming year, and while resolutions may never come true, I hope that there will be no negative surprises. I wish everyone luck with this giveaway, and let us start our festivities!

Apple Watch Sport and Watch Stand Giveaway

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