To power up your brain for your daily routine work, there is nothing better than coffee that can help you. Whether you are working from home or you are at the office, coffee is the best solution to boost your energy to work in your working hours or for some extra hours. That’s why there is a battle of coffee makers on the internet or in physical markets so that users can grab their product and to achieve that goal, they spend a lot of money in marketing. As a user, you may not aware about anything at all, but that’s why I am writing this article. The thing is, I am just describing some best single serve coffee makers in this article. So read it carefully and you may get some guidelines.

3 Best Single Serve Coffee makers

Well, single cup coffee makers are for the purpose if you want to have coffee rapidly. During your working hours, you cannot wait to have a cup of delicious coffee and that’s why single serve coffee makers are there. These coffee makers come with different sizes and features which are according to the users demands. When choosing a single serve coffee maker among all other single cup brewers, you have to keep following features in your mind.

• Adjustable volume for different volume cups

• Strength control

• Different Brewing options

• Capacity of tank

Now, let’s talk about some great single serve coffee makers which can be best for you.

Keurig K45 Elite

In the industry of coffee making machines, Keurig is the name of excellence. So, this should be described at the start. Also, this company was built on the brewing of one serve. This is the reason company make this K45 Elite brewing system to have the complete experience and joy of single serve coffee and this is the reason that this machine is the bestselling coffee maker on Amazon. Some of the mentionable features here about Keurig K45 Elite machine are

1) 3 different sizes of 6oz (Small), 8oz (Medium) and 10oz (Large).

2) Power saving mode that shut down the machine after 2 hours.

3) Brewing machine with lower noise.

4) Removable drip tray.

5) Complete water filters kit with one replacement filter.

Hamilton Beach 49981

This is a compact size great looking stainless steel single serve coffee maker which is also reasonable in price. This machine does not come with pods of k-cups, but it contains a mesh scoop filter that will allow you different types of coffee grind. The design of Hamilton beach 49981 is very perfect and it can accommodate within a short place and it can adjust any size of a mug (even a large travel mug). These described features are different from other machines and are enough to attract someone who wants coffee to direct into their cups.

BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Bunn (Bunn-o-Matic) is the first company that made the first automatic drip-brew coffee machine in the world. Keep one thing in mind that Bunn MCU machine is mostly used for the commercial purpose and its look is also made the commercial way. Hence, it is great looking as well as durable. According to your mood, you can have many tastes because it has 4 brewing drawers and this is the flexible feature ever that you will find in any coffee maker. As many best single serve coffee makers, Bunn MCU consists some common digital control features too. If you want to consider buying this machine, you must know that it will be needing some extra space because of 4 different drawers and also it is more expensive than many of the domestic machines.

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