We have had a busy week this past week! The kids were home, and I was a bit sick – I had a cold, and then before we knew it, it was Christmas! We are still eating the delicious meals we have been making, and the whole next week my husband, and kids will be home relaxing, and unwinding from their busy schedules. I was mostly busy getting better with my cold, and making sure all our house activities are running super smoothly.

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I was glad this week to have received a box from Dr. Dunner company with Sambu Elderberry Concentrate – this was a great help with my cold. I find it is so easy to take something that is natural, and alcohol free, and helps me to recover quickly.

We went downtown to Seattle to check out two activities that were done there. The first activity we went to was called Teddy Bear’s Suite at Fairmont Seattle. We liked the hotel, and all the great decorations in it. Right as we walked in the hotel, in the lobby, there was a great scene set up with a huge tree, presents, and I think Santa Claus where we took pictures first. Then we went looking for a suite, and passed a lot of stores inside the hotel. The suite was a bit hard to find, so we had to ask at the check-in, it turned out it was on the second floor. The suite was really just two rooms with a lot of teddy bears, and a lot of people taking pictures. Our baby didn’t seem to be too amazed by it all, and didn’t seem to care too much about the decorations, and the bears. We liked the picture opps ourselves quite a bit.

Then, after that, we walked a few blocks to another hotel, to Sheraton, where they have a gingerbread village exhibit. Somehow there was a huge line, and a gingerbread village themed “Star Wars”. We decided not to stand in a line, however, were still able to take some pictures of the opulent displays of candy.


One other day this week we enjoyed having some Horizon Organics Mac and Cheese with the family, as I received a nice box of gifts from Horizon. The kids also had some cheese snacks by Horizon. In the same package we received a movie voucher which I am now giving away on my Twitter account – check it out, less than 24 hours left for the winner to be announced.

That’s our week in a nutshell, and how was your week?


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