I have received new products this week for a review. I got two sets called Billion Dollar Brows.
One set I received is a kit with 1 brow powder and 1 dual ended brow brush.
The second set is Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit. This kit includes a universal brow pencil, a brow duo pencil, a smudge brush, and brow gel.
billion dollar brows
I have naturally thick brows, like those that Brezhnev had, pretty much, and I am proud of them. I don’t really spend a lot of time perfecting my brows with makeup tools, powders, highlighters and colors, and I know I should. Contouring and highlighting is so popular now, and really changes your look, where you will look your true best.
billion dollar brows (1)
These two kits are wonderful as they really help me feel like I know what I am doing with my makeup, and they are easy to use and apply. The first kit I got is mostly for adding a quick pop of color, takes only 1 minute to do – I am so glad! No need to spend a lot of time, which I don’t have.
The second kit takes a bit longer to work with, but it is so worth it!

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