Sometimes it feels to me that I am in a dream. Dreams can be good or bad, we will talk today about one good one. So, sometimes we have to wait for prescriptions or while shopping in book stores, or even grocery stores I always tend to gravitate to the magazine rack. I stare at all of those magazines, and pick up a few to read. I like anything for housewives, yes, I am very boring that way, very predictable. I take colorful food magazines, and browse them, I look at crafts magazines, and at women’s interests magazines to stare at beautiful clothes I will never wear, I love to salivate over the food, and baked goods, and the restaurant pictures I will never see. Even when my baby is near me and starts messing around with the magazines from the lower shelves, I am usually still dreaming. I am travelling to the far away lands, lying on the beach where there is always sunshine that doesn’t give you a sunburn, but makes your mood sunny. I dream and dream, and look through more magazines. Then I see Victorian houses with tea cups, or start reading about life in NYC, and all over the world, the turmoils of politics, or what Sarah Jessica Parker had for breakfast last week.

What is this all about anyway? This is about how a huge pile of magazines can take me away into some dream land, where stunning photography, delectables, and gossip can create the most mindless moment, and give me a break in the day. And that is when it hits me… And I think to myself – well, wouldn’t it be nice to have a pile of those magazines at home, where I can sit down comfortably in my armchair, and look through them with a cup of coffee, and relax!!!! (This NEVER happens by the way, you know what I mean if you have a baby, and older kids, and have a job). And then I look at the prices, and do a quick mental Math in my head. What – that would add to a few hundred of dollars for sure. I guess I could do this once, but, you know, I may never have that dreamy moment to sit with a cup of coffee! I may just end up with a pile of half torn up recycling project paper as any magazine usually ends up in my house.

And then it dawns on me – this will not work! So, then I usually just sigh, and walk away, or if I am really feeling rich, I may pick up 1 magazine I especially like.

Imagine what I felt when I first opened Readly I got for a review! I wanted to scream! Someone up in heaven probably heard me, and all my torments at magazine racks in stores, and all my dreams about a relaxing moment, and sent me Readly! Readly is exactly that, what I need! It is a membership that gives you access to thousands of magazines, even back issues! You can pick and choose the topics you are interested in, and read on, anything you like is all there! Any gossip, cooking magazine, politics, you name it – it is there! Readly is great to access both on my iPhone or my husband’s iPad – works like magic, and you get your favorite magazines in a matter of seconds without having to go outside the house, signing up for all of these different subscriptions, trying to afford all this somehow, and then dealing with the recycling.

Digital magazines through Readly is truly the way to read your magazines. You have access to many issues, and you don’t need to go to the library.

I am still, honestly, recovering from this idea that the Heavens are looking out for me, and sending me the best possible solution to any of my wishes. What a find in the digital world we live in – and what a bargain! So affordable to read on what you love! I am going to be posting reviews of magazines I read next in the New Year, what I find on Readly – but I highly recommend this subscription, it is hard to miss what a great deal it is! What is the cost – $9.99 per month, and that’s for thousands of magazines! This is what I usually pay for 1-2 in a store! I am so glad I have found this service – I think I will also be saving lots of money on vacations, restaurants, and entertainment – these magazines from Readly can definitely fill the void, and help relax. The mindless, or not so mindless reading can be in place of a movie you would rent anyways, or books you would buy and read anyways, so I really hope that my words are convincing – this is probably the best deal I have seen throughout the whole year of living and shopping!

Trial membership was provided free of charge to be able to write a review.

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