I have had Salted website membership for a few months now. I originally got it for my kids to practice cooking, but they are so busy with their schoolwork, they don’t get to cook or bake that often. I have been using Salted for myself for quite some time now, learning new techniques and skills – it is so educational!

Learn to cook like a chef with Salted

Ultimately, I want to learn to cook and bake like a chef, and I do need to learn a lot of skills, and what best place to learn those skills than a professional cooking school online. It is so good that it is quite affordable, and costs less than getting a new cookbook every month. Salted provides practical hands on training by the best chefs in the country, and all you need to do is listen carefully, follow their instructions, and advice, and you will be able to repeat all of those dishes yourself.

There are lots of courses to follow on Salted, and we have tried and learned from the masters already doing a lot of things we wouldn’t know how to do properly do.

My children are very interested in making cookies. This year in the spring they participated in a baking competition featuring cookies in particular. They have read a lot about making sugar cookies, they have practised a lot as well, and then we worked on taping our first videos – yey! So, we thought that we knew what we were doing. After watching the lesson on Salted we understood we were doing a lot of it all wrong! We were so happy to use the recipe for cookies on Salted, and now we know how to do it correctly! It is amazing how much you can learn from professionals, and professional baking is not that easy, at least not as easy as it may seem at the first glance!

Warning: the following pictures may entice you into making and eating cookies

Here are some pictures from our cookie making activity!

chocolate chip and pecan cookie

When baking the cookies we have modified the recipe from Salted a bit by adding pecan pieces, thus making the recipe into Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies. I used my new baking mats to make these cookies. Those mats are great as they are non-stick, made with silicone, and those cookies were so easy to remove when they were done!

unbaked cookies

When the cookies were formed, we used some additional turbinado sugar by Sugar in the Raw. I got lots of sugar for baking at the WOW Moms Summit that I have visited this October, and now I try to add that special touch to my baking recipes.

chocolate chip cookies with turbinado sugar in the raw

And finally, I have been practising a lot with my photography and design, so here are all the great pictures in a pretty graphic.

chocolate chip and pecan cookies 6 picture frame

I recommend trying the Salted course of cooking and baking. They add new classes a lot, and so many great professional chefs are sharing their wisdom in easy to follow instructional videos. You really cannot mess it up if you go through with the course. While watching the video you will hear a lot of advice of the chef as to what to do and how to avoid some common mistakes. You can learn the basics of most famous cuisines and modern trends, as well as learn tricks for making delicious homemade dishes that will taste like they were made in a 5 star restaurant.

I have a trial membership in Salted for a review, this post contains affiliate links.

This post may contain affiliate links.

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