I was lucky enough to have been given an opportunity to unbox an amazing new Strength Crate G.O.A.T. Crate with incredible fitness products. This box has the value of $150. It will make a great gift for someone with a New Year’s resolution to put more time and effort into fitness, and getting healthier. I know we always try to eat healthy food in my family, but often forget to spend time on our fitness and exercising, but I think it is as important for staying healthy.

I loved the box I got. This box included a dietary supplement, a foot massage roller, a fleecy hat, 3 caffeine energy bars, and a powerchute to improve the exercise routine. This crate is a great way to improve my exercise routine, and get me to move more, and do more fitness. The powerchute will be great to start using in this New Year of 2016, I have never heard about this before!

Here is the video I have made unboxing this great G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) box.


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