This holiday season getting a great gift for my husband was quite easy! I found him a knife that he finds an absolute fascination about!
This is a very sharp knife! My husband uses it all the time to cut branches, string, packages, anything really. It seems to stay sharp even after cutting rope. It’s a nice compact size for the pocket and folds up easily. My husband had always wanted a pocket knife to carry around and this certainly fits the bill! I am amazed at the number of times he has found excuses to use this knife. (1)
This knife is a folding knife. I have a bit of trouble closing it, because I am very weak by nature, but my husband has no trouble opening and closing the knife in a moment.
This knife came in a beautiful gift box, with a pouch. It is a very stylish knife, indeed. The knife is super sharp, and can be used for so many applications.

This knife is from a website This website carries all kinds of different knives, and was created by Derrick and Wendy Bohn. The knives ship for free. Knivesshipfree carries knives that are leaders in the market, as well as lesser known brands.

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.


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