Just looked through a new article – by Michael Mosley: When is it safe to reheat leftovers?

Are you, Mr Michael Mosley, off your rocker? Are you suggesting by your article that eating reheated food is actually dangerous? So, I am supposed to cook new foods every day, for every meal? I have to actually cook my lunch new every time? I am not allowed to heat up leftovers any more? And what about people cooking up a storm and cooking for the whole week ahead of the time?

So, according to this article even rice can be dangerous and make you sick??? Rice, rice is not safe to eat? So, what do I eat then? And then the author, in the end, concludes with the phew note – rice, in fact, is ok to eat as long as you make sure you use common food safety standards. Seriously, this is news today.

You all rich people stop reheating food or else you will get sick, is that the moral here? Are we trying to make drama out of reheating food now? Are we trying to create a scene and a sensation out of reheating rice? Or what? I am sorry, I don’t understand. This is the news story that people have been talking a lot about today!

I am honestly surprised this story is a BBC News story and everyone is participating in sensationalizing this piece. I am disappointed. I guess I should start getting ashamed at eating leftovers now. What about the whole world of people eating food, does everyone really cook every meal new, from scratch nowadays? My grandparents used to eat out of the same can with mold, they would just scoop out the mold, and eat the rest. Maybe heat the stuff to a boiling point. We would certainly eat leftovers all the time! Especially for lunch, and I still do, and this is the way I eat my lunch. I know a lot of people who cook one day per week for the whole week. How does that differ from just plain eating leftovers – I am not sure.


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