Today I started reading a new book I received for a review titled “Passenger 19” by Ward Larsen. What an exciting adventure this book has been so far!

The story starts very calmly but talks about something I can certainly relate to. How unimaginable things can happen to us in just an instant. One moment our life is peaceful and routine as can be, which we don’t appreciate often enough, but long to get back when something terrible and unexpected happens. When something bad happens to us, we close our eyes, and see our whole world as we know crumbling in front of us into pieces. It is so hard to pick up those pieces to the moment that we had just yesterday, and it is often impossible to pick those pieces back up and put them together.

I think probably everyone has had this happen to them, not just from books, but happen to them in real life. Those horrible life events that change your world forever, and that you can never quite comprehend how they happen. And this is exactly what happened to Jammer Davis. That piece of news that shudders his whole existence, and life as he knew it – there has been a plane disappearance, and his daughter was on the plane.

And now I have been reading the book for over a day, being constantly interrupted by my own life, and yet trying to find every minute in the day to get back to the story. What a story this is! A true find! I haven’t read stories like this one in years! What I like about it now, that I have been reading the book for a while is that you cannot possibly predict what is going to happen next, and you don’t know where the story plot is leading to. So many things are happening in this story with a seemingly sad and simple plot. A man’s daughter has just been in a plane crash. He is the investigator. He finds the daughter, probably in bad shape, probably dead, case closed, story over. Well, in this story nothing is coming to a close, nothing makes sense, and everything that seems to be a solid fact actually turns into something completely unexpected. What a find for us, readers!

In my reviews I always have a bit of trouble describing the plot of the story as I don’t want to give anything away. I can say though that everything that is described in the book has a meaning, and will make sense at a point in time. It is amazing how clear the mind of the main character Jammer Davis is, despite the grave situation he finds himself in, to be able to unravel the complex relationships and facts out of such an enigmatic situation.

This book has given me so much food for thought of guessing the story line, and always inevitably failing to know what lies ahead, and this is what makes this book so precious to me. It is truly thrilling and mysterious, what a find! This book is one of the best books I have read for a very long time, and that says a lot!

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