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We have 2 tween girls, as well as me and my husband in the house, and we all have iPhones. In fact, my husband likes to get new models of iPhones when they are made available, so we accumulate a lot of electronics with time that we no longer need.  We usually just end up stacking them up in the garage, or packing them away in boxes and forgetting about them. However, it is time now we get rid of all the stuff we have and don’t need. So, I thought of making a post about what to do with all these electronics and how to see old Apple devices.

I found a website igotoffer that actually buys iPhones, old computers, iPads and such from you for a good price. I have been thinking about selling my present iPhone in a few months once I get a new model, and I will be able to get $90 back for my iPhone! That is a pretty incredible price. That’s more than what I paid for it I think! This is almost unbelievable, really!

I also have an old Macbook computer, and I could sell it for $200 right now! That is, again, an incredible price considering that I was thinking about just throwing it away!

iGotOffer has very good buyback prices! You will probably spend more time and effort selling your old technology through third-party sites, and probably will end up being scammed or just wasting your time. I haven’t tried this service myself yet, but it looks good theoretically so far! I will try it out and update on my findings. They also offer expedited payment if necessary, as well as fast processing.

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