Paintings by Natalia

I have a friend who I have known now for over 10 years! We have studied together, and then she branched out into Art, and has become a great painter. She has always been doing crafts, and homemade one-of-a-kind pieces, like clothing, and bags, and now she has found a true passion of hers – painting! I love her paintings as they show her true heart and soul, and show the world through her prism based on her background and life experiences. She has travelled so much, and is extremely artistic, and can see the world in beautiful colors – enjoy!

Here is her website – Paintings by Natalia – enjoy! She specializes in landscapes, flowers, abstract paintings as well. I find that her colors are just outstanding! She is quite prolific, and has been improving so much over the years at her craft! She has also had a lot of exhibitions over the years of her art, and her art is certainly very affordable. She is a local Montreal artist, born in Russia. It is quite interesting how she puts together all her travelling experiences, her Russian and Canadian background to create her masterpieces. She has learned a lot of painting techniques, and is definitely a professional now – what a great result after years of practice! She definitely has a talent, and hopefully will be able to continue creating lots of masterpieces over the years.

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Here is a video with her paintings –


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