I baked some cookies last night, and they turned out great! I have used a recipe from Salted cooking school to bake these. I have modified the recipe a bit. Firstly, I don’t have a stand mixer, and as it was really late at night when I was making the cookies I didn’t want to use my handheld mixer with all the noise it would create either. So I ended up manhandling the dough quite a bit myself, as I had to mix the stuff by hand. The dough turned out quite crumbly and wasn’t forming perfectly in my hands. I did manage to form it with my ice-cream scoop in the end, and then covered with cinnamon sugar for the signature “snickerdoodle” effect. I have also modified the recipe by not using the oozing effect of syrup as per the Salted recipe. I didn’t have the syrup on hand, and the pumpkin one that I did have just didn’t seem right to use since I was making these for the first time.

So, the cookies are done now, and everyone has tried them. And the verdict is in – everyone loved those cookies! I will definitely make them again!

I have used similar mats to Frazoni silicone baking mats before, but it was interesting to see that this mat also worked well even with the sugary cinnamony sticky stuff on the cookies. I wasn’t sure if it would work very well since when sugar melts it gets so sticky you will always have to fight with you baking sheet while washing and scrubbing it. I like this mat – it did not disappoint! I have made a video showing my cookies before they were baked, and after they were baked. I have also made a batch on parchment paper because all of the cookies did not fit on one baking sheet. I think that I did put too many cookies on the sheet with the mat as it is, as they did get attached together, so next time for the same amount of dough I would have to use 3 sheets. I have lots of these mats now as I find them easy to clean and so great – I don’t need to throw out parchment paper or foil, all I need is to wash the mat in the dishwasher and I am done! I just put the mat on the top shelf and it is so easy! If you have been reading this blog you know that I am a lazy person, so these mats are just perfect for me, and I don’t have to worry about scrubbing them at all.

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