This past week I have been absolutely mesmerized by a new book “Liberty and Means” by Kristin Dow I have got for a review. I have read it through so quickly – I am usually a slow reader, but with this book, I couldn’t wait to read it to the end. I am very impressed! The book is amazing! It is a very nice read – it is a mix of genres – a mystery, a romance, a novel, a fictional life story of a girl, much like myself, but so different.

By reading this book I got completely overwhelmed by the world of Shannon, her life adventures, and life story. The events in the book happen over a span of about two years, but so much happens, and so quickly, that at times it seemed like Shannon was barely able to keep up. That is when she had so much on her mind, and had to make hard decisions. The emotional aspect of the book was something that I enjoyed reading about the most. The character of Shannon is so likeable, and so much like me, even though she lives a polar opposite life, and is much younger, and not as mature as me (I like to believe that I am mature), I still think that she is very similar to me in her character and thoughts. I am impressed how thoughtful she is about her money budgeting and living very much in her means. I don’t tend to indulge in chocolate as much as Shannon does, unless I have a lot of chocolate that I get as gifts that just sits in my pantry, but coffee is a similar indulgence for me. I can look at expensive bags in stores salivating, then turn around 180 degrees and march to the nearest coffee shop to get that coffee fix and drown my bag addiction in coffee – I am a typical Shannon.

This book takes Shannon through a life of a business woman who juggles romance and responsibilities while staying true to herself and her principles. Shannon’s political and religious views are on free display in the book which is an unusual digression for a “chick flick” type book but adds a lot of realism and context to the character. I found it interesting to read a lot of brand names mentioned in the book. This is another hook that makes Shannon so relatable to the present moment – we live and breathe in the moment, and seems like this book is very modern and recent.

There is one point that I found was a bit of a disappointment for me. When I read books in English I am always looking for an opportunity to learn, in my case to learn new words that I have never seen before. I also judge a book by how many times I have to look up terms and words in my dictionary. For this book I did not look in the dictionary even once. That was a bit of a downer note. Let’s hope this is because my English has improved a lot. I always hope to see a book a bit more complex than I know and can understand.

Most of the scenes in the book are masterfully done, and a great feature of this book that I want to mention is the complexity of genres that the author has chosen. A mystery is around the corner on every page at the beginning of the book, and the finale of the book is more of a typical realistic novel with descriptions and slower, less intense pace. The story ends with a cliffhanger in a way – I am not sure how Shannon’s life is going to turn out after what she does in the last chapter, and I have a feeling that there will be no continuation. Every reader can interpret the ending in her/his own way depending on many possible events.

I will be now on a lookout to see this story on screen – I think it will be a memorable movie. I can imagine at least one actor – Ethan Hawke as Travis. While reading the whole book this is exactly how I imagined him. I think Ethan Hawke is too old for this role now though.

I recommend checking this book out if you enjoy non-adulterated romance, mystery, and novel. I don’t usually read romance novels with all those descriptive scenes, they make me uncomfortable, so this is so refreshing to see a book that being the prude that I am I am so happy to read, and I could easily give it to my tween to read. This is a real gem of a book – hope you get the time to enjoy it just like I did, you will not be disappointed!

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