I have received a pack of assorted nail files for a review. There are 50 in this pack, and I think it is a great way to get inexpensive stocking/pinata/birthday treats for tweens and teens. These files are very colorful, and will be great as party supplies for my family. As my children are girls, and we often organize themed parties for them, this will be a perfect addition to a pampering party we could throw for them. I think a good way to complement these mini nail files will be toe separators and mini nail polishes as well. This is a great way to pick up cheap souvenirs if you are a beauty product independent representative as well.

I made a collage out of new pictures I took today of the mini nail files. I love the bright colors a lot! I think because there are so many of them I will also put aside some for my photo props when I am doing beauty product shots.

Mini Nail Files

We have tried the nail files, and they work great! I am so happy that there is Amazon now where we can find all of these products. I remember days when I would have to pay over $3 per nail file at the pharmacy. Do you really need a brand name nail file? These nail files cost $10 on Amazon right now, so it will come to $0.20 per file – that is some bargain!

Samples were provided free of charge for testing and a review.

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