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I have a long history in my relationship with potato salad. We have known each other since childhood, and I have been in love forever and always. Potato salad used to visit us for every single birthday party and special occasion. It was usually dressed with canned peas, boiled carrots, apples, and even boiled or smoked meat. That potato salad was mostly for special occasions because my family was not one of those who would spend time or effort on making their own mayonnaise, and had to stand in lines to get mayonnaise when it was available in stores. They were always afraid of making everyone sick by using raw eggs for homemade mayo, and knowing that mayo is one of the must-have ingredients for potato salad, we absolutely had to get it store-bought.

Then there were days of olive vinaigrette and sauerkraut potato salad. Those days were usually weekdays, and the salad included some pickles as well. Sometimes boiled beets were added, and no mayo, and then the salad would take up a very purple character and color. It used to be a favorite of my childhood! One of the best friends – kept me nourished and happy. I knew I could always rely on it when I needed a friend.

Over the years our friendship has grown into a true love. I remember having to walk across cold and snowy streets to a market nearby to make sure I had some celebratory potato salad for the New Year’s – it helped my psyche a lot that year to be able to withstand a cold and lonely winter.

My US potato salad experience was a bit different. I still think I got short changed when I get potato salad here. No colored vegetables, barely ever the salty-sour element, nothing to bite down on – just the mush, or, to the contrary, the hard crunch of not quite boiled potatoes. US potato salad is known to be comfort food, but is it really the comfort food I am looking for? I don’t think so, I will have to look elsewhere for satisfaction! Of course, the German style potato salad here has lots of character! I will never forget the one we had at DisneyWorld at the German restaurant. As far as the good old potluck or buffet style potato salad here – not my thing, I usually go for the cole slaw when I have a pick.

potato salad

So, with all this in mind I present to you the latest version of potato salad I have attempted, and I have used the Salted cooking school recipe this time to try. As you can see, me and potato salad go way back in time in our relationship, and this time when I was making it, I was looking for something to spruce up the good old mushy style, and improve on the flavor, while still sticking to a few non-colorful ingredients hoping that my husband will forego the fact that there was in fact mayo involved in all of this, and would partake in eating it. Little did I know that I would be reduced to barely a plateful of the salad, as my husband devoured the rest of it, practically out of the bowl! Was it a success? If I can get my husband to eat anything with mayo, I consider it a victory! Salted, your recipe was a huge hit! What is the trick? Really, just two extra steps, one great tip, and that’s it! How much is Salted membership? Less than what buying a tub of store-bought potato salad would cost you, and you get yourself a De Bom Salad that you can make every day for the rest of your life!

What else is interesting about this? With Salted membership you can learn how to cook easy dishes we all know with a few tips and tricks from famous chefs that will add restaurant quality and a lot of shortcuts to your cooking style. Honestly, sometimes just a few tweaks, like in this potato salad I have tried, can change the whole dish! I was actually surprised in this articular recipe that just two tweaks and one tip can change the whole experience. My advice – check out Salted – it is entertainment from your favorite chefs, a lot of years of practice, and all you have to do is follow and listen!

Other than this recipe, I have also tried their cookies – Snickerdoodle cookies and chocolate chip and pecan cookies. All of these recipes are now in my home recipe collection, but I will not tell what I put in them! You will have to suffer or join Salted to find out!

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