I have received a new item for a review, and that is Earth Pak Waterproof Dry bag. I love the plastic that the bag is made of, and the idea is wonderful to create a bag that will preserve your valuables when you go for a trip outdoors. We live in a very wet climate here in Washington area, so it has been raining every day pretty much for the past 4 months. Having a bag like this will be wonderful for when we go on trips, or send our kids to camps – something that will preserve clothes and cameras dry is important to have.

Unfortunately, I think I haven’t folded the bag very well, and as I left it outside last night to check it actually got wet. I put papers inside the bag to test it whether the paper will get wet, and it did. There was a bit of water accumulated in the bag when I opened it. Now the bag is hung up to dry, and I will have to retest again one of these days as I am sure I didn’t fold it the number of times that I needed, as water did get into the bag.

Here is a video to show my adventures with this bag – enjoy!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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