Time for spring cleaning in my house! We have to sort through everything we have, throw out stuff we don’t need and don’t use, give stuff away, and clean, clean, clean! One of the great ways to save money on re-carpeting is actually cleaning the carpets one area at a time!

A while ago we wanted to invest in a house. The house was very big, but needed a lot of cleaning and work. Their carpets smelled of mold and pets. We decided we were going to put new carpets down because those carpets that were there seemed quite gross. Then we called a couple of companies for quotes and learned that sometimes it is actually possible to simple properly clean the carpets, and not necessarily have to replace them completely.

Since then I am careful about cleaning carpets first before deciding on replacing them. We have carpets at home that are quite stained over the years. We don’t have any pets, but I have obnoxious family members who wear their outside shoes on carpets, and there is nothing I can do about it. No matter how many times I ask them to take the shoes off, they just won’t listen. If you guys are reading this right now, you know who you are! Shoes belong in the shoe area of the house, not on my white sitting room carpet!

So many ways to clean carpets, and one of the best ways is a vacuum-cleaner! There are lots of models out there, and we ourselves have 3 vacuum cleaners – one Roomba, one upright dust vacuum cleaner, and one vacuum that uses water for washing carpets. However, I cannot use them at home right now because my baby is scared of vacuums, and the baby stays at home with me all the time. My husband does not take the baby out of the house, and my kids cannot take care of her. Even now, as I am writing this post with one hand, I am actually holding my baby in my arms.

So, what do you do when you have to clean the house, but cannot use a vacuum cleaner? I like to use a spray carpet cleaner by VeryDirtyCarpets. I take one area of the house at a time, spray it down, pat it with a paper towel, and then leave it be. The best possible way is to later on go over the area with a vacuum cleaner that will suck all of the gunk out of your carpet. Once in a while I am able to have a vacuum on, and that is the best way to use VeryDirtyCarpets stain and spot remover.


I have had this carpet stain remover for a while now, and I have even written a post about it before, and had a giveaway. I am still using it a few months after, and I like the results a lot. Above you can see some pictures of before and after from my recent cleaning of a dirty area near our desk. This stuff really works! Try it out! Better than any other carpet cleaner I have ever used!

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