Picasso once said that art will “ wash the dust of daily life off our souls.”

There are ways you can see and appreciate art for free and to enjoy free days out if you are on art lover.

Here are some of those ways…

Art College Exhibitions/ Open Days

Many times art colleges will open their doors to the public once a year or so for showcasing their students work. This gives the students motivation and incentive to excel and develop their talents while giving their family and friends the chance to see what they have created. These exhibitions are free of charge you get to witness art that was created by the talent of the new and next generation of artists as they are working on developing their style before becoming a professional artist.

Much of the art you will see at these exhibitions created by the students will be very experimental and exciting.

Art Memberships

Frequent gallery visitors will probably find it worthwhile to invest in an annual National Art Pass. Many times individual galleries will have their own unique memberships, each offering discounts for varying activities.

Volunteer Work

Art funds are limited and many galleries are eager to find volunteers to help with their day-to-day operating procedures. This is a great way to really immerse yourself into the world of art And also educate yourself more about art plus you can earn invites to other gallery events by doing volunteer work.

Art Markets

If you prefer a little noise and bustle over the quiet of an art gallery you could spend an afternoon at an art fair or an art market and this is a great place to find excellent pieces of art to go on your wall for decoration. The artists that frequent these events are there to sell their artwork but there is no obligation to buy.

These are just a few suggestions for any art lover looking for ways to enjoy and appreciate quality artwork without having to pay.

You can visit the the below art galleries for free:

Tate Modern

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Kettle’s Yard

Walker Art Gallery

National Museum Cardiff

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