We like to eat fish tacos from time to time, and today I have tried making my tacos with a new seafood breader by House Autry. I typically don’t fry a lot at home, so I baked my fish, and I used simple white rockfish we got at Costco yesterday.

I think the recipe turned out well since I haven’t done a whole lot to the fish, and the breading just added that subtle sweet flavor of breading, and added more nutrition to the fish, and the breading helped to add a lot of flavor to otherwise one-tone dish. I thought the fish turned out very well, better than if I were to simply cook it on its own.

Generally House Autry seafood breader is great for frying fish and seafood. We have also tried this breading on shrimp before, and it also turned out very well.

Here are some pictures from my dinner today –

House Autry breading

House Autry breading

Fish tacos with House Autry breading

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