Today I have had a pleasure of my husband trying out a new bluetooth speaker, and posting a cameo review on my site – woohoo! My husband knows a lot more about technology products than I do (who are we kidding, right), so I am glad he can express himself in more words to describe this amazing product to my readers. So, here is what he had to say about a new product we got to try – AYL Portable Bluetooth Outdoor/Waterproof Speaker.

The speaker comes in a rugged blue rubber case and has a nice heft to it. It connected easily to my phone via bluetooth. In order to turn the speaker on, you use the on-off button on one side of the speaker. The sound output it really good and we tested in the plentiful Seattle rain and the sound was as good as ever. The speaker has a volume control and a pause button. There isn’t a way to skip to the next song. It has a useful rubber handle and a mount for a tripod or other stand. All in all, a really nice compact speaker with decent sound, good for the beach, camping, the shower, or anywhere where dust or water could ruin less hearty speakers.

So, here is the review in a nutshell. Let me tell you, the best thing is using the speaker in the shower. We put it the top shelf of the shower caddy we have, and it rarely gets that much water there anyway, and it works really well, and so fun to have a shower and get some music to listen to. Having a shower in the morning now has a whole lot of other meaning – not just a necessity, but a minute to relax and re-energize!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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