We loved the show that we have had a chance to watch with the family – the Harlem Globetrotters show! Let’s not kid ourselves – this was a basketball show! The whole show was incredible – I was very impressed. Everything in the game was clear and understandable, you didn’t need to be a hard core basketball enthusiast to understand what was going on (can’t say that about every sport – most of the time I sit and watch and have no clue). I loved the game aspect of it, and the show aspect. The whole building was full of fans, everyone cheered every minute of the show!

Harlem Globetrotters

I cannot tell about the whole premise of the story, but basically there are two teams that are competing, and partly playing around. These are great professionals, I think they could hit the net and get a point from any possible tough position or spot. Even if the game is well rehearsed, it looks quite authentic. My husband kept saying that the second team that plays the Globetrotters is actually a real local team. That was the effect that they have achieved. All of the players of the second team stayed in their role of the opponents, and pretended so well you wouldn’t know they were in on it.

The finale of the show was the most outstanding moment. Just one minute left and the Globetrotters were losing the game. They were able to turn the game around and win in the end. The last minute is really an incredible moment – something you will remember for a long time – how this team has perfectly set up this last moment of the game to always end on a high note.

What to expect during the show – if you are sitting in the front rows, you may get involved in the action, and get some prize goodies! There will be some water splashing, and endless fun! Everyone in our group had fun – this was my first show, and it was great, my husband has seen the show a few times online, and he loved this one, and our kids were just over the Moon – it was so fun. Even the baby cheered, and enjoyed it!

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Celebrating 90 years of providing smiles, sportsmanship and service to millions of people worldwide, the world famous Harlem Globetrotters will bring their unrivaled family show to an arena near you during their 90th Anniversary World Tour. On the court, the Globetrotters’ 90-year celebration will feature some of the greatest athletes and entertainers on the planet. With a star-studded roster featuring Big Easy Lofton, Ant Atkinson, Hi-Lite Bruton, Thunder Law, Bull Bullard and Cheese Chisholm –  plus female stars TNT Maddox and Sweet J Ekworomadu*  –  the Globetrotters’ one-of-a-kind show is unrivaled in the world of family entertainment. Every game will showcase incredible ball handling wizardry, rim-rattling dunks, trick shots, hilarious comedy and unequaled fan interaction. You won’t want your family to miss it – use promo code FAMFUN to save 25% off your tickets.


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