Hi, and thank you for coming back to read my blog! I appreciate it! The big giveaway for 5 pairs of 3D virtual reality glasses have been found and determined by Gleam inside the widget – you can find out if you are the winner here – http://boxroundup.com/2016/02/07/3d-virtual-reality-glasses-now-affordable-do-you-have-it-you-can-win-it/

Now I wanted to announced that there will be more giveaways to come in the next few days/weeks on my blog! I have made a few videos on my Youtube channel recently showing off some new items that are going to be put for giveaways in the next 2 weeks, and more giveaways to come! I think I have over $300 worth of various prizes available for giveaways in the next month – so, come back often to check on the giveaways, and enter to win!

And, of course, I am always wondering what my readers would like to see as prizes for giveaways? I cannot guarantee large gift card prizes, or expensive electronics, but I always take your advice close to heart, and try to find the best prizes that you would like to see – let me know in your comments what you are looking forward to winning, and I will try to get you those prizes!

Thank you for supporting my blog, and sticking around – more to come, every day I am developing something interesting to post and write about, so I guarantee to entertain and give you more roundups – that’s for sure! Cheers, yours truly, Box Roundup

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