Gone are the days when we had to take vitamin C daily! Now we can actually apply vitamin C on our skin to improve its tone, elasticity, and moisturize it. This week I got to try Vitamin C Complex Serum by Beautiful U Skincare!

Vitamin C Complex Serum

I have tried other serums before, this one is quite similar in its effect. I like the texture – it is a transparent serum, easy to apply. This serum has a bit of a cooling effect on the skin in my opinion. It is important to use it twice a day as per the instructions. That is how I have been using it. I have very sensitive skin on my face, but this serum has not caused any irritation for me which is why I will probably continue using it.

According to the package directions you should follow this serum up with a moisturizer. I have to say that for me I don’t need a moisturizer after applying this serum. Any dry skin problem that I have gets resolved with this serum. In fact, I am very surprised with the effect it gives – you will definitely notice when you apply this serum versus a lot of other products that don’t necessarily give a lot of visible effect. This serum works very well on dry skin issues that are so common in the winter. I actually apply it not only to my face, but also to my hands as I get very dry skin on my hands, and this serum helps immensely! I have always had dry skin on my hands, and this has been a big issue for me. I normally use regular hand creams that are marketed for hands specifically, and they don’t work that well. This cream works wonders! I have never seen such immediate results as I get on my hands. I really recommend it not just for your face, but for any dry skin issue you may have. This cream works for me, like a wonder!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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