This week I got to try and review Toogli Bamboo Washcloths – and this is one of the must-have products if you have a small baby to take care of! Babies are so messy! No matter how clean you are going to keep your house (and that is not me, of course), you are going to need a lot of various washcloths and cleaning supplies when you have kids and babies in particular.

Toogli bamboo washcloths for babies

Of course, there are a lot of wipes that we use, but I prefer to not use various packaged wet wipes on my baby’s face, so I go for simple water and a washcloth. Toogli produces these sets of 6 washcloths that are super handy to have. We use them when we bathe our baby, or throughout the day, to clean off food, berry juice or any type of cereal mess she has after eating. This is so easy – you wet the cloth and you are all set. If you go for a walk, and don’t have a tap of running water on hand, I usually use simple water from my baby’s water cup to wet it, and clean her face with this water. I am a real hipster mother when it comes to cleaning babies, and even grown-ups. Water and soap can do magic, and work way better than any type of alcohol-based cleanser as far as I am concerned. When I am at home, I have all types of supplies, but when you are outside in a park you don’t always have those wipes available, but if you have a simple washcloth and a cup of water in your stroller – this is all you need!

Here is my video of using a Toogli washcloth!

Toogli Washcloths are made of bamboo, and are sold in pretty packages. Each washcloth is additionally tied with a green ribbon. This will make a great gift for young parents, or even old parents like myself. Washcloths are not something that we think of right away as a need to have when you have a baby. We think stroller, car seat, change table, but you will be surprised how much you can get through in your day when you have a simple washcloth on hand! I recommend putting it on your list if you are expecting a baby, you will thank me later!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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