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We are gearing up for Easter in our house, and this has always been a great holiday for our family. I have a few activities planned for the kids, and we cannot wait to start the festivities here!

Easter has always been a great holiday in my family. My grandmother would start a few days in advance baking kulichi (a kind of a pastry tasting a lot like Italian Panettone in the version that my family would make), and we would color eggs as well. This was a great family tradition! The kulichi baking was a whole day event, and it would be done one day in advance. When my grandmother used to still work she would usually take a whole day off just to bake. She would beat the dough down, and work it all day long, every hour or so, and would make kulichi as the dough continued to expand. She used all load pans that she had which was like 2, and then she would bake in old cans the rest of it. She would make so much that we had enough to give to all friends and family. Her kulichi were made with some sweet buttery-sugary filling, then cinnamon and poppy seeds. Poppy seeds were hard to find back then in Russia, and would usually be bough ahead of the time, one little bag at a time over the course of a year. This was the only time she would ever make kulichi. The dough of each kulich was extra buttery, and with time she would put some orange and lemon peels in the dough as well. I loved to eat this dough with some butter and a cup of hot tea. This was one of my most favorite things to look forward to during Easter.

Now it has been many years since my grandmother passed away. Easter has never been the same since then. My mother tried to make kulichi but even though she used to own a bakery, hers would never come out the same as my grandmother’s. It was one of her things that she was proud of, and took pride in. Even when religion was not regarded as something acceptable of communists to do, my grandmother used to bake kulichi. Kulichi are considered a religious dish, and you could tell my grandmother was a true believer, even as a professional doctor, and her kulichi tasted like nothing I have ever eaten before or after. The sweetness and the buttery taste of the dough, and how filling it was, the sweetness of the cinnamon and sugar, the crunch of the poppy seeds – there will never be anything that I could eat that would even remotely be comparable. Now I always make sure that I have Panettone when I see the brands I like, and I have made a homemade version before, but I have never got my family to eat any of it, and there is no fun making a whole bunch of dough just for myself. I am not sure whether this year I will attempt the big kulichi baking, maybe some other time, maybe never.

Easter celebrations at Box Roundup

This year we will be coloring eggs, and eating a lot of peeps, I think. We have a little baby now who is very much into opening eggs, so she will be the center of our Easter. We always go on egg hunts, and we would love to hold one in our house this year, like always, and will invite some of the kids and relatives from around here to join us for the festivities. I have created a gorgeous invite using a new Evite system I have found, and here is my invite I have made.

Evite Easter celebration invitation

Making this card inspired me to look into different types of ways of egg decorating for Easter, and I think it will be a great way to decorate eggs with little pieces of paper to glue on the eggs. This card will give clues to the kids we invite about what types of activities we are going to do during our Easter celebrations. I often start with one idea for a party I set up, and them the party builds upon itself with all the cool things to do. Cards have helped me so many times to get started with my inspiration! Using Evite is a great way to invite your friends and family to join in your celebration, and it is an easy way to send a gorgeous invitation without worrying about the physical card necessarily. Most of the birthdays our kids go to, they are invited to using the Evite system. In fact, this weekend is going to be a one big celebration starting with a birthday my daughter is going to of one of her friends, and she was invited to it with an Evite card.

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