My latest experiment with cooking has been using a Ready.Chef.Go bag, and I am ready to tell you everything about it now! I cannot wait – it is so much fun!

The first time I have heard about cooking in a bag was from my mother. We are usually the kind of family where we cook most things from scratch, using fresh ingredients, and very few ingredients, nothing super fancy, just simple, delicious home-cooked meals. I like to think I have improved on my parents by cooking with mostly organic ingredients, farm-fresh, and at the same time trying to stay on budget without buying anything super fancy. I kind of was not impressed when she told me she was cooking in a bag a lot.

What, cooking in a bag? What’s that about? I knew she was not talking about sous vide cooking or anything like that, this was something different. My mother lives in Russia, by the way. So, I thought – well I guess they get some types of bags in Russia that I can’t get here, so be it. And I gave up on the idea.

Until recently, when I was offered to try out some Ready.Chef.Go bags to try and test these at home to see how I like them. I love them! Here is the reason – it is fast, not fussy, not messy, all you need is a bag for all of your ingredients, and you are good to go.

So far I have tried it a couple of times, and it worked quite well! I have tried it for potatoes and Brussels sprouts, and it works great! Imagine the usual way of cooking your veggies – you get a tray, cover it with foil, spray or pour your oil or butter on it, and bake. Well, you can do the same in a bag – you can put all of your ingredients in your bag, mix it up a big, and let it steam. You don’t need to watch it, just set it in your microwave or your oven, and forget it until the times goes off. What you end up with is a bag full of steaming veggies, and all of your butter and oil is still in there – you don’t lose anything as you would on a tray. So, you don’t need as much of fat as a result.

Ready, chef, go bags

So, here is how we cooked the Brussels sprouts – we simply put them in the bag, with some butter, salt and pepper, and baked it in the oven.

The dish came out so tasty!

The bag was a bit intimidating at first before I knew what to do. There is perforation on one of the sides which allows you to open the bag up, and that is how you get all of your produce in it, then you take the attached paper off just like you would for an envelope, and close the bag. Easy. You will not believe the results you get! This is a super easy and fast way to prepare your food, and you don’t need to soil a whole baking tray. Both the preparation and the cleanup are simple. Try it out, let me know what you think, and here is where you can get these bags –¬†

You can cook anything in them – steam your crab legs, veggies, any protein. The bag comes with clear temperature and timing instructions so you cannot make a mistake with your food.

Samples were provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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