This past week has been associated with beer for me. Part of the reason was that it was St. Patrick’s Day. Who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day with its parties? I have only truly learned about it in North America, and I love it with the homage to Ireland, its cuisine, and traditions, the beer, the green color, and the stories about leprechauns and pots of gold.

engraved glass beer set by Urban Farmhouse Tampa

I started the week with deciding to make an Irish stew. It was going to be a slow-cooked Irish stew as per my husband, and it had to have lamb in it. So, we first purchased a leg of lamb from Costco, and decided to get our Guinness beer elsewhere for the stew. I ended up getting frustrated as I went to get beer at a local pharmacy where I go to at least once a week, and as I was walking to it, I didn’t have an id on me, and so the cashier refused to sell me the beer as I had to id. When we finally got the beer for the stew, it was already the next day, and so our St.Patrick’s day ended up being a day late. Now I am ready to report on it!

I made the stew with the lamb leg, some barley I had, an onion, some garlic, an eggplant, carrots and some potatoes. I also added that can of beer, and some chicken broth I had. It turned out amazing! With the stew we enjoyed some beer as well. I had some favorite fruity beer, and I got to use my new etched craft beer glasses! I got a set of 4 craft beer glasses, specially for an occasion of beer drinking, and we got “Carpe Diem” etched on it. The glasses are so beautiful! It is a set of 4, and it was such a fun experience using them for beer this holiday! I think we will be using them for a while, and enjoying the moment while sipping on beer together. My beer was so weak, I was glad, and it tasted great! I think it tasted better in this beautiful glass! I have never owned anything like this before, and now can boast that I have a proper beer set. We usually drink out of coffee mugs, so this is a welcome and nice change. Long overdue! This set was perfect for our family, as we just celebrated our anniversary, and sets like these make for a perfect anniversary or wedding gift! This company we got the set from can actually etch any words on glasses for you, so names and dates of a wedding date is a great way to remember your happy day!

I have pinned this photo to show off what I got, and I hope you will pin it as well!


Here is my pin, check it out! –¬†

Like Urban Farmhouse Tampa’s Etsy shop here, and get a set for yourself (retails for $45) – I can tell you that your holidays and celebrations will be elevated to another level, and craft beer glasses with your personal phrase will add that great uniqueness and one of a kind feel. You can use a coupon code WOW10 to get 10% off your order.

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