This is my new travel charger – we have so many different phones and devices that it is super important to be ready when we travel to be able to charge the devices. I am glad that this charger has 4 USB ports which makes it easier to get everyone’s device charged fast. Here is where to get this charger – and you can use a 20% discount with the code SmartPwr. Hope you get to try this charger out!

I like it because when travelling with 5 people like in our family, and everyone using at least a phone and/or a tablet of some sort, we always run out of battery power on at least half of all of the devices, and then need to get the ones that are out of battery power charged up quickly. Sometimes I have my Chromebook still working, and I will plug in my phone to the Chromebook but it takes forever to get things charged, sometimes almost up to two days! Who has this kind of time! So, having a charger that plugs in your socket is really the only reasonable solution to having “out of juice” problems.

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