Today is my day of thought and relaxation. I like to spend my Fridays thinking about the week that passed, thinking about the plans for my next week. I am still working on our taxes – I am doing them all myself, and this has been taking a bit of my time, I have to admit. With the baby in my hands it is not always easy to get things done, and I often simply crash, and have to call it a day early.

One way for me to get through my day is getting a healthy breakfast. I was happy this week to try out a new Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix which is 100% nut free and gluten free, made from organic tiger nuts. This mix is also soy and lactose free, and is great for people following Paleo diet. My usual breakfast consists of a bomb of carbs – either a piece of bread, a bagel, or some waffles – not a good idea. So, this smoothie mix is perfect to make a switch to a healthier me. Today I made a smoothie with some banana and ice – nothing else added. I am already looking forward to trying this mix with some green tea, blueberries, and strawberries, I know it will be a great, nutritious breakfast in the morning. We love berries, and always have some fresh ones on hand, so this mix is a perfect way to get my berries used!

tiger nut smoothie mix

Here is a video on Youtube of me trying out the smoothie this morning –¬†

Here is where to get the Tiger Nut Smoothie –¬†

I am excited today to plan the next week for my kids, full of activities and fun things to do! I will definitely try to make a series of posts of what we do and how we are spending our spring break! This will be another staycation full of fun, and on a budget! Be sure to check back to read my posts next week!

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