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Today has been so busy I didn’t know how much I would be able to get done, and when I would be finished with my assignments. As a blogger I have to follow a lot of deadlines, and it may sound very strange if you are not familiar with blogging, but there is a lot of behind the scenes work, and a lot of accountability to other parties to get things done on time. This reminds me a lot any office job except I have more freedom in what I do. If I am too tired, I crash on my couch, and go to bed early. I even get to take a nap sometimes with my baby. I am also not tied up at home, and can leave and come back as I please.

My laid-back lifestyle makes me think back to my working days at the office. I used to have a regular cubicle job, and some of the only great things about those jobs were free cookies and free coffee. Nowadays, I find, office jobs are much more lenient to employee needs, and provide a lot of accommodations and help to improve the workflow, and let employees rest, work out, walk outside when necessary, and encourage more productive environment.

Some of the best companies that place employees in the center of their success allow employees go and come as they please, and certainly not restrict employees to be inside all day when the Sun is shining. It is pleasant to hear of companies that have only half day work on Fridays during the grilling season, let employees work from home when employees are sick, and provide accommodations for breastfeeding mothers. It is great to know that companies are not all these homogeneous thoughtless monsters.

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I think every workplace should strive to keep employees happy and healthy. It is so important for employees to maintain healthy lifestyle to simply be able to work more days. If you are overworked, you are going to crash from exhaustion, and that is not helpful when you need to be at work every business day. It is so inspiring to know that some jobs provide places to recharge and nap during the day for employees who need it. Right now I work from home as a freelancer and a blogger, and I know that I have this advantage over most jobs, and will be looking forward to seeing more places implement this great idea. I know that a lot of people suffer from chronic sleep deprivation when they have a lot to take care of daily, and this could be improved so much by the ability to rest and recharge.

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Healthy food during the day is also a great way to be able to get your energy back. I suffer from a 4 o’clock crash that happens almost daily, where I need to have a snack. As I am at home and have access to my fridge I can create practically anything to eat, but at jobs people are limited to what is provided by vendors inside their work building or office. Therefore, it is so important to have that capability when you are working in the office to have access to fresh products, and not just candy and chocolate bars. I know a lot of jobs provide fresh salads, sandwiches, fresh fruits and veggies, and protein bars for employees at low cost or at no cost at employee cafeterias. What a great way to help employees stay healthy!

healthy salad

I am so encouraged by great new improvements that have taken place at workplaces lately helping people live and work in a healthy way. I hope to see more jobs looking like home to people, and providing employees with the necessary accommodations to achieve a more relaxed, and more fulfilling day schedule.

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