I was recently introduced to a new website called Luxury Resale Network where you can find lots of designer items that are barely used. This website runs based on consignment, and all items sold are authenticated to ensure that they are genuine. This is a great way to snag cheaper luxury items, and you can be sure that they are real.

Time and time again I try to get some items for myself that are brand names and high end designer-made, and half the time I am not sure what I am getting. Even at stores, especially in other countries, unless it is an actual store of the designer, you can never be completely sure what you are getting. There are so many fakes and knock-offs. In fact, most of the time, when you are buying a cheap item, you practically assume you are buying a counterfeit thing. With this website you trust them that they items are real. I think if they were lying, the website wouldn’t be able to continue long after as news travels fast online. I haven’t tried their items myself yet, but by the way items look on the website, it seems that everything is genuine enough.

I have made a video about this – here it is – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukzyDTNY54E

If you watch the video, you will be able to get a 12% discount code for shopping on Luxury Resale Network website.

I am also setting up a giveaway!

2 x $100 Luxury Resale Network Gift card Giveaway

Luxury Resale Network Giveaway

I have a new beautiful giveaway all set to go for my favorite readers! This one will have 2 winners of $100 gift card each towards $299+ order at Luxury Resale Network. The giveaway runs April 2 till May 2, 2016. US only.

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Please, participate in this giveaway to support our blogging efforts!

2 X $100 Gift Cards from Luxury Resale Network Giveaway

Box Roundup have not been compensated for this giveaway, but will make affiliate income if you use my coupon code to make purchases on Luxury Resale Network. No other bloggers associated with this giveaway have accepted any compensation. No other bloggers are responsible for prize fulfillment. At the end of the giveaway, there will be two winners, and the winners will be provided codes for their gift cards. Box Roundup is not responsible for the codes, they were provided by Luxury Resale Network.


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