This week we are on spring break here, but if it seems like we are having no work to do, this is an illusion! I am all busy with the blog things, and am going to throw on another giveaway! We are having fun here, and I know money giveaways are cool, and want to share the wealth with my readers! This giveaway is for $25 Paypal Gift Card! What can you get with this gift card? Well, you could get something for yourself, for instance. If there is something that you have longed to get for a long time, paypal cash could help! I often shop on Ebay with my Paypal cash, and get things that I have always wanted, that have been on my want list for years, and I always use Paypal cash for useful things that I need! Hope you can enjoy your gift card if you win!

I am truly blessed with every reader of mine that I have! Thank you for coming to read my blog! Every time readers leave a comment I get reassurance that I am not talking to myself here, and not just posting for myself. Blogging can be interesting sometimes (I think I wrote about that before, not sure), where I write something, and while I know people are reading it, I am never sure that it makes a difference what I have to say. I think this is remnants of my self-consciousness (you would think people who blog and are in the public eye have no shame left in their souls), but I still feel self-conscious at times. My daughter sometimes tells me – wouldn’t it be weird if one day we are in public and someone starts pointing their finger at us, and saying, “Oh, look, this is Box Roundup!”. I hope this is long in the future. Somehow I still have this block in my mind.

So, celebrating my blog today with this giveaway – please, participate if you are interested in it, and leave a comment telling me what you think about my blog. I hope to see some criticism so I can improve. What is it that you like/dislike and would want me to work on? What stories do you like to read about the most, and what would you like me to improve on?

Thank you so much for all of your participation!

$25 Paypal gift card giveaway by Box Roundup

This giveaway runs April 7 till April 21. This giveaway is open Worldwide! 1 winner will be chosen by the Gleam widget randomly at the end of the giveaway, and will be sent a $25 Paypal gift card, in US funds.

$25 Paypal Gift Card Giveaway

This giveaway is part of a blog hop, so if you scroll below, you will see lots more giveaways to enter – I hope you enter away, and win! Good luck to all!

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