Jordan World Circus

A few weeks ago we were delighted as a family to see Jordan World Circus when they were performing in Puyallup. This was the first time our children has seen a circus, so we were all quite excited! I was a bit worried how the baby would do sitting for a long time watching a performance, but she actually liked some of it, and then simply fell asleep.

As we were driving in to park we were welcomed by animal rights activists who were protesting against animal cruelty. This is something I haven’t expected to see as I am accustomed to circuses without thinking twice about animal right there. I come from Russia, and Russia is known all over the world for its circus friendly culture. Every city had a circus in Russia when I was growing up, and we were brought up watching famous circus performers on TV. Circuses are a kind of entertainment that is quite old-fashioned, and does not change with times. Going to Jordan World Circus allowed me to return to my past in my mind – this is a timeless activity we did a lot growing up, not thinking a whole lot about animal rights back then. This is a tough subject to discuss for me, or take any sides. I just never thought about it, to be honest. I simply wanted my kids to see a circus performance, no other meaning, or support or otherwise of any kind of pro or against issue.

Jordan World Circus turned out quite fun to see. The show started with tiger acts – we were amazed to see how many tigers were in the cage with the performer – and they all were very tame, indeed. The tigers were the stars, and they jumped, and behaved just like cats would, you would think. I think there were about 9 tigers in the performance, it was hard to count them, as they were always on the move. Then tigers started jumping through fire – this was quite incredible to see.

The rest of the show were primarily people, except for one more act with dogs and more jumping and tricks. We were impressed with all the gymnastics, acrobatics, jumping, and bravery that the performers showed. It was scary to watch at times as performers did not have anything holding or securing them, and we were all in awe as to how brave the performers were to showcase their athletic and gymnastic abilities, not at all afraid to fail. This is not something I am used to seeing – in Russia most of the time circus performers would have some hardly visible rope attached to them that would assist them if they were to fall. I found that all of the performances were extremely well done, very well produced, entertaining, and awesome! My kids were very impressed with Jordan World Circus!

One other highlight was the bike set. Bikers were performing something incredible in a sphere – you would not think that two bikes could go together in such a small space without crashing into each other, and it looked like it was such an easy thing for those bikers to do!

Incredible is the world I can say about Jordan World Circus! I am so happy we went, and sometimes a show can be a real treat to watch. Nowadays, with the Internet, and on-demand availability of everything online at any point in time, it is still such a great idea to go and watch a real show of talents that happens at this moment in front of you – nothing can substitute this!

We have received complimentary tickets to be able to review the show.

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