I love cooking – can you tell! But sometimes with a baby running around the house and a grocery store when shopping, and asking to be held at home all day long it can be quite stressful to take time to plan meals, and then shop for them leisurely. Every meal in our house sometimes becomes a dash against the clock to get food on the table as quickly as we can to be able to watch the baby as well without having to do too many steps preparing meals.

Here is where comes to rescue for me! I have a membership now that delivers weekly collection of recipes to my email box, and makes it so much easier to plan my meals, and cook everything! These meals are all planned out for a week, and all the ingredients are written by store departments which makes it easier to shop. Once you are ready to cook, it is possible to prep all the dishes for the week in one shot! Then all you have to do is follow simple steps on the day of cooking each dish having all of the ingredients prepped beforehand – this cuts your prepping and cooking time by a lot!

I love how organized these plans make me feel, and they add a lot of confidence for me to keep on with my busy schedule knowing that Prepdish got my back! All of the recipes are easy to make, and are delicious! We have tried cooking through quite a few of them, and while the recipes are simple enough to follow, at the same time I am learning a lot of new professional chef tricks I have always wanted to learn, and cooking nutritious meals for my family every day of the week!

I find that planning and organization also help me cut down costs, and be more organized as far as what I need at the store to get dinner done, without having to panic and grab everything and anything I see.

The recipes in Prepdish menu are set up for Paleo and Gluten free diets.

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