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Our kids are going to be graduating from their grades pretty soon, and I always like to plan ahead of the time, so here is my planning guide for setting up their party:

graduation autograph book

Step 1

Making a guest list. It is easy to do if you want to invite all the kids from their class, or girl scout troop, and it is a great idea for kids to chillax together, and have fun! No need to think too much here, simply get a list of all children in the group, and email the parents to get everyone informed.

Get your kids sets of graduation autograph books to check out – our kids love getting each others autographs, and writing little notes for each other. It would be nice to get a special book for that, and if you have time, you could even add some paper cutouts for decoration – make it into a homemade scrapbook!

graduation lollipops

Step 2

Getting all the party favors ready for the kids. Kids favors are usually easy to make – a bit of candy, some simple toys, a keepsake to remember the party by. Let your imagination take you places! Check out HotRef Party Favors

balloon party decorations

A graduation party is a great way to step into summer so great themes for the party can be a Hawaiian Luau, a magician party, a summer pop party, a garden treasure party, a tea party, or a park outing. 

box of cupcakes for the party

Step 3

A few days before the party – set up party treats! There are so many great cupcake designs that you can order nowadays for any occasion, but it is really simple to make cupcakes yourself as well! Find a simple recipe, and get some cute cupcake wrappers and toppers!

cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers

Step 5

Enjoy the party with the kids as a chaperone! There always are some cupcakes left as you probably got one too many! It is hard for parents to turn the page and realize another school year is over, so take lots of photos to remember those little moments! 

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