Tonight I wanted to reflect on my year, and what I have been having going on. My family is the most cherished possession I have, and really when it comes down to it, all I try to do all day every day is have fun with them, as much as I am able to. Food is such an important part of our living together, everything revolves around food.

It is so nice to see cookbooks that are written by cooks who value the family, the relationships, and the food, and how those all go together so well! The book I would like to write today about is by Alana Chernila, titled “The Homemade Kitchen”. This book is full of love to the family, and how it is transformed through cooking into creating amazing fresh, clean, no-frill but so good for you dishes! The pictures are stunning in the book! Even the simplest dishes look like you want to eat them and make them – now! This is also another thing I value in any cookbook – the ability to see the dish at its best – and be motivated to create something similar!

Before I got this book, I was so impressed with the cover photo! I loved the simple plum pie on the cover, and certainly was not disappointed when I opened the book to see the recipe!

This book is full of stories of this family – what Alana learned during her career, and through little meetings and acquaintances in life that can often share with us all some unforgettable recipes that money can’t buy – something simple like a recipe can contain so much in it – memories of days gone by, meeting people, those happy moments of the past – restaurants, people, often no longer with us, or living far away – but simply thinking about the food can bring all of this back, and show that you will never forget, as long as you can cook that special dish!

Alana makes all of the memories and dishes that she has learned, and modifies them to suit her own personal taste, and this taste is impeccable! All the recipes we have tried so far are incredible, and let me create simple, yet wholesome food for my family! Every step is explained well, and you can tell there is a lot of experience and love that has gone into each creation in the book – the recipes have been tried and tested, and all the tricks are described, so you will have no problem re-creating them.

Alana talks about a lot of new to me dishes like Muhammara that I have heard about, but have never made. She makes preserving lemons something less mysterious, and even teaches how to make homemade chevre cheese – this is something I always want to master – making homemade cheese.

I can sign my name under a lot of the recipes in the book, and it is great to get that motivation to cook these dishes again after looking at the stunning photography, and salivating!

This book is full of homemade soups, pastas and stews – just what I like to cook. I only hope the pages of the book do not become too greasy making me get a new copy, but I just might as this will make for an excellent gift to anyone who is a newbie in the kitchen, or a seasoned professional – there is never an end to learning the tricks in cooking and baking!

What a great book, and an inspiration! Hope to be able to find books like this one every day! What a joy to read and re-create – not one recipe is a fail! This is a must-buy book!

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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