Sometimes I get so confused as to what to buy – just over with the Mother’s Day yesterday, and it can be a hassle to find what you want when you have no time.


Don’t you feel this way sometimes?

All these products around you, and nothing that interest you, and you have to do so much leg work to go through the stores.

Just driving to stores makes my family go nutty.

And I love Pinterest, don’t you? I know you do!

And guess what I have found! A Pinterest like site where you can buy gifts for family and friends – all the latest and the greatest, straight from the producers – no middle men! the site is free to join for producers which means for us customers – we get the savings, as there are no additional charges in the cost of items for us to compensate for fees. The free online marketplace is called

This is what a search looks like when you are not looking for anything in particular –

search for cool products on

I love how visual the site is – every item is right there in front of you, and you can scroll down until you find something that sparks your interest.

How many times have you gone on Amazon and would just have no idea where to start your search for a gift or for something special for yourself?

This site is so amazing! I wish I had come up with this idea myself to sell products online with this kind of interface! Every item is so clearly seen, and it is so easy to scroll, and visually concentrate on what you need!

I love the niche products that you can find on this site! The items look like they are made by small scale designers, and not as mass produced as in regular stores, or other Internet retailers.

Here is what pops out when I search for baby and kid products –

baby and kid products on

Check out their site! It is full of products that are hard to find otherwise! Lots of DIY products for your craft inspiration, as well as amazing gifts – you don’t need to fly across the world any more to find authentic merchandise!

If you are a small producer – check them out to list your products! It is a free online marketplace! Products are so easy to pin and add on!

This website works great on mobile platforms, so when I have nothing to do travelling in the passenger seat, I can browse and pick what I need without having to go to an actual store!

I love that this site is an international marketplace online that reduces my shopping time, and gives me access to boutique affordable brands that I would never have found otherwise! I love to feature small businesses on my site, and I am happy to tell my readers about this new online shopping tool! Enjoy!

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