6 Pregnancy Don’ts – What Not To Do When You Are Expecting and a Giveaway!

Just read someone else’s post about 5 things to do when you are expecting and thought of writing an anti-post (typical me!)

Thing 1


When everyone around is pushing you about baby gender – just relax! This is not the most important thing in the world that you need to know. And it will not change that much, honestly! You will provide your unconditional love to the baby no matter what gender it is! Girl or boy, or something in between, in today’s world gender importance may still be ingrained in us, but in our day to day life gender issues are less black and white and straight all over nowadays. Girls fly into space, and boys run cooking shows. Your baby will be your perfect thing, no matter what gender.

When I was pregnant with my first baby we used to live in Vancouver, BC, and due to a large abortion rate, the hospital that I was followed at did not tell us the gender of our first baby. I ended up giving birth in a different city, and a different province, but we never had any additional ultrasounds done to tell us what the gender of the baby was. Of course, it was sad as my father passed away before I gave birth, so while he knew that I was pregnant with his first grandchild, he never got to learn who it was – a girl or a boy.

Later I went on to give birth to lots of girls, and I had a stillborn boy as well. That year I knew I was going to have a boy, and I prepared a lot – bought a lot of boy clothing, and sold a lot of clothing that was for girls that I had. I was sure at the time that that was going to be my last child which did not turn out to be correct. Now my latest baby girl is wearing some of that boy’s clothing still, and people are extremely confused whether she is a girl or a boy.

All kinds of situations can come out of this gender knowledge, and while I wished my father had known who I had as my first baby, the expectation may not always work out. While stillbirth are not that common necessarily, miscarriages are, and getting to know that gender may traumatize the parent even more, in my opinion.

Thing 2

cute baby hand

Start showing everyone those ultrasound pictures – not! While it is definitely a keepsake to have, and show some day to people – this may be the only thing you will ever get to have of your baby. Not every baby is born alive, in fact not every baby is born period. Some babies simply end up like a period, and however harsh it may sound, this is the fact of life for a lot of people. Some people will be happy to see those photos and see your glee, while others will just look at it as a reminder of what they don’t have, or what they have seen in a similar moment that didn’t get to last.

Sometimes it is hard to control what others do, and my husband was one of those who posted the ultrasound for everyone to see. Didn’t happen for my baby boy. It will just create additional need for explanations to those who read your Facebook feed.

Thing 3


When you are pregnant it is great to be prepared. You should have all of those great pregnancy books, and items that you will need when you give birth. Having a baby shower might be a good thing to set up when you have already given birth to collect gift cards for diapers, toys and clothing. However, don’t overbuy before you give birth, especially if you don’t know the baby’s gender as things can change quickly with the baby. You may or may not need preemie clothing, diaper rash paste, or baby oil and powder. Are you sure you will have the time to do baby yoga with the videos, or give massage to your baby every day? Some products are out there, but it doesn’t mean that you need to have one of each from the whole baby nursery Β and registry department.

Thing 4

Drinking juice in pregnancy

Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant! I know they write that everywhere, but seriously – do not drink! It has been time and time again checked and verified – alcohol will impact your baby, and it is not something that you should ever do when you are pregnant! Of course, no drugs, and you even have to be very careful with prescription medications. This seems like such an obvious thing but I have seen people not follow this very simple instruction, and not everyone will get away with this. I have never had a problem with this myself, following these requirements, but it is an important rule – if you have substance abuse issues and are pregnant, seek help, don’t delay!

Thing 5

Having a busy tea party

And for almost the last point – don’t leave big things to take care of after the baby arrives. If you need to do your taxes, or do your spring cleaning, do a big garage sale, or set up a show for your kids’ dance recital – don’t delay till after the baby is born. It will be hard to find time when you have your baby, because you will have your hands full for a while.

For me, the first month has usually been the time that was I was busy working on setting into breastfeeding – and that leads us straight to the next point –

Thing 6


Don’t give up on breastfeeding before you try it! Those prepared milk companies will be sending you tons of free products to try, as well as coupons and small gifts to use. You may be tempted to use formula for your baby but don’t go that route until you really try and give up breastfeeding. You have to experience being able to breastfeed when you give birth, and try to give yourself a chance to do it! Breastfeeding requires a lot of work, especially at the beginning, and you have to be prepared for it mentally, and have a good network of help around you to be able to give you that first month when the baby arrives to practice and get on the right track with breastfeeding. Formula is great to have as the last resort – don’t set yourself up for it before you really have tried breastfeeding!

Just today I have read that the UN is going to possibly start regulating what formula companies can and cannot say and do when promoting their products. The message cannot make mothers believe that formula is somehow better than natural mother’s milk. You can read more about my thoughts on breastfeeding here.

I hope this post doesn’t sound discouraging in any way, I am just describing my experiences, and they are not all rainbows and unicorns! If you have ever experienced any of this – you are not alone, share your advice in comments!

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  1. I like Thing 4 – Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant! best. It makes common sense to keep the mother and baby alcohol-free.

  2. I agree that you shouldn’t leave anything big left to clean up after baby arrives. Getting it done early is so important, so you don’t have to be stressed when you get home. My oldest was born just after Mother’s Day and my youngest was born a month after Christmas. All the big things were over and done before I gave birth which made it so much easier on me.

  3. I liked the tip you had about not showing your ultrasound pictures. Like you said it may be the only picture you ever get to see of your baby.

  4. i like the tip in thing 6, though i’m a firm believer that it’s not for everyone and that’s ok

  5. I liked the tip about being prepared. I feel there is so much you can’t plan for, it’s nice to be able to do what you can.

  6. I would love to add that not all pregnancy’s are the same..go with your gut feeling and just take it all in..it’s the most beautiful experience ever

  7. The biggest tip that I have to agree with is to not leave big things to be taken care of after a baby is born. I have a knack for putting things off so this is something that would affect me a lot.

  8. My favorite tip is not to give up on breastfeeding before you try it because I had no idea milk companies go to such lengths to get you to try and buy their products.

  9. “Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant”, is my favorite tip; one wants the most healthy infant and child possible, so no drinking, why take the chance with the life of another..

  10. The best tip was the do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant. So many studies have shown the negative consequences of drinking while pregnant.

  11. I like not leaving things for after the baby arrives. It helps with stress and makes things just a little easier.

  12. I’ve never been pregnant but I know that caffeine should be restricted during pregnancy

  13. I love your 5th “thing.” It is good to take care of as much things as possible before the baby arrives to decrease stress.

  14. I like the tip to take care of the big things before the baby arrives. thats important to remember so you can rest and enjoy your new babe

  15. I most like the tip not to delay things until after the baby is born. You definitely want to make things as easy on yourself once the baby arrives!

  16. I liked the tip not to leave big things for when the baby comes. Also breast milk is the best milk, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t provide it. They make some great formulas.

  17. I think it’s ok to share the ultrasound photos. It’s up to the family and it’s a time for them to celebrate.

  18. I think the 6th advice is the most important. I would add to it “don’t give up breastfeeding even if it’s hard in the beginning”. I struggled with pumping ’till my baby was 1 week old because she wouldn’t breastfeed. Thank God she came around!

  19. I like Don’t give up on breastfeeding before you try it because some Mamas only receive bad advice in regard to breastfeeding and absolutely no encouragement.

  20. I like the Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant tip. I definitely agree with that one.

  21. I like not sharing ultrasound photos. Some things are best kept private, and you just never know if that baby will even be born.

  22. I love the first thing! Gender is not the most important thing about your baby! It just matters that the baby is healthy and that the parents are happy!

  23. Don’t leave big things to take care of after the baby arrives. I wish someone had told me that before I had my first baby.

  24. The best advice: Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant! And there are a few ladies who cannot grasp this fact somehow. Just terrible!

  25. Thank you for letting me know! It is interesting how much this gender issue is discussed when one is pregnant.

  26. Thank you for your comment! I am glad I have touched upon the right points there!

  27. I cannot but agree! This is a big one for me! And one of the harder ones to do as I am lazy!

  28. We should hope that it’s a given now, and yet so many people don’t follow this rule!

  29. All of my breastfeeding babies, all three of them had a rough start, and I was so close to giving up, but I didn’t, just powered through it, and I am so glad I did. Sometimes encouragement, and strong will is what is needed.

  30. I know, pumping can be hard to do, I cannot imagine working outside of home while the baby is growing and pumping. Modern women are very strong!

  31. I know, this is one of those things that are not assumed or necessarily thought about, but when you go through loss, a lot of things can be painful, especially at the beginning, while the pain of loss is still raw.

  32. I definitely agree! In our case my husband was the one who had to respond to questions, “so, how is your baby?” after he posted, so not an issue for me, but this is something you have to always keep in mind for yourself, this is one of those decisions that everyone should make on their own, I am just speaking based on my experience.

  33. Thank you for your comment! Formula is a great, and important product to have, however, should only be used as the last resort, not as a convenience. My opinion. But in the end, every parent decides what is best and what works in their own situation. I am just lucky that I can breastfeed and stay next to my baby, and don’t need to work out of home, and can give my baby the advantages of breast milk, but ultimately it is a personal decision of everyone’s – who are we to judge, right!

  34. Thank you for your comment – it is so important! I was lucky with my third baby to be born after the tax season!

  35. Thank you for your comment – you are right! This is a hard one – I have so much difficulty concentrating without coffee! Thankfully, there are lots of decaf beverages, and I also liked to drink simple water!

  36. Thank you – definitely! Everyone agrees with this one, and yet some don’t do it – hope to give more exposure to this point with my post!

  37. Certainly, you are correct! I hope we can persuade the ones that are not listening with our posts!

  38. Thank you for your comment – sorry if this is how it comes out like – I think everyone is free to use formula exclusively, but if there is a chance that women could first try and experience breastfeeding – I would love them to – if they choose not to breastfeed – so be it, but opting out of breastfeeding without trying it at all is just something I regret people do – but, of course, it is a personal choice, in the end. Like with anything else in our world – we are free to make our choices on our own! Hopefully!

  39. I am not sure they are trying to be mean, at least not in America – some of the products that they give out to expecting women are quite nice to use, and it is great to have extra small amounts of formula on hand even if you are breastfeeding, just as a backup in case something happens, but authorities now are looking at formula companies in terms of whether their marketing and advertising efforts should be permitted the way they are going about them – that tells me something, not sure if their advertising is appropriate in some countries.

  40. I do so agree! This is something I struggle with! However, I had this nesting instinct every time the last week of pregnancy when I wanted to clean up the whole house over and over – it is interesting how our brain and bodies work!

  41. You are right! It is totally up to the person – everyone can choose what works for their situation! I hope everyone picks the best option, and is happy and wouldn’t regret it!

  42. Being prepared is the best when you are going to have children, it is hard when it all ends up as a big busy mess – everything for that period needs to be well planned out! But we are humans – and have to be flexible when things don’t go as smoothly as planned originally! It happens!

  43. Thank you for your opinion! This is so individual, but can be a painful issue – however, we all have to learn to deal with our pain. Someone else’s joy shouldn’t be a reminder of our pain – it is unrelated, and does not need to be an issue. I have learned to appreciate the joyful moments, and it is important to grant other people with joy as well, even when you yourself may be uncomfortable. I think this is painful for some time while the pain is raw. I have learned to keep the pains to myself, time cured me I guess.

  44. Right – most common sense! Hope we can encourage everyone not to drink when pregnant!

  45. Seems like a given – something everyone should do – and that is what it is all about – education! Maybe some don’t know this one – and we shall tell them.

  46. Yep, we all need to be way more organized and prepared! It seems like we live in such an easier time of all comforts and conveniences around us, and yet it is not easy to bring up a baby – somehow with all of our dishwashers, ready made bread, and already pre-churned butter we are still struggling, at least I am, I don’t know why.

  47. Wow, yeah, Christmas is a big one to get over with every year – any holiday with a great big family dinner is as much fun as it is a hassle, and so hard when you are pregnant! I am glad you were done with those two when you babies were due!

  48. That is true – everyone’s experience is different! For most people it is a joyful time, and even if there are some issues, it is the time to celebrate life, and stay happy!

  49. I found tip #6 interesting. I never even wanted or gave breastfeeding a thought. Formula feeding was an easy decision for me and I have never felt bad about my decision. I think there are so many things that can go wrong with parenting and we should praise people doing a good job and not worry so much about how someone feeds their child.

  50. I never really thought about not finding out the gender in case of miscarriage/stillbirth. I’m 95% sure I want to know so i have an easier time buying things to prepare, but maybe i won’t push to know so soon.

  51. I think the most important one is about alcohol consumption. It’s such a small thing to give up for a short period of time that will have a lifetime impact on your baby.

  52. I like the section on breasting and making sure there isn’t false advertisement as formula being the same. However when some women can’t breastfeed what is the next best option? A friend received donated breastmilk after screening people and also used a special formula (I can’t remember the name).

  53. The tip I like best is Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant! Babies are human sponges. Unfortunately, babies born to mothers who drank while pregnant have a harder time learning to breastfeed and can lack healthy sucking function. They often have low birth weights and suffer more severely from learning disabilities, hyperactivity, poor reasoning and judgment skills, as well as lower intellectual ability.

  54. All great advice – breastfeeding is something that definitely should be tried if it’s a possibility for you

  55. Don’t drink alcohol while pregnant. It is very important not to drink or use drugs for the health of the baby.

  56. I think trying breastfeeding is a good tip. I think it’s sad that so many SAHMs formula feed and never tried breastfeeding. I realize sometimes it doesn’t work but there are so many benefits when it does!

  57. Make sure you take stool softeners I didn’t when my doctor suggested them and I ended up getting hemorrhoids.

  58. My favorite tip is Don’t give up on breastfeeding before you try it, because with my first born I almost did I thought that my baby didn’t like breast feeding and I was starting to give up too quickly until I learned that actually he needed it more than formula and I keep on trying and I breast fed him for a year and he is a very healthy boy.

  59. I like your suggestion on do not overbuy, my sister did that and she was told she was having a girl, bought everything for a girl and ended up having a boy. One thing I have always lived by is follow your instincts, everyone is going to to and give advice, but for the most part, you already know what is best for you and your baby, before and after birth.

  60. You Should Get Regular Medical Exams: One of the easiest and best ways to avoid problems and complications during pregnancy is to get regular medical exams from your doctor or midwife.

  61. For the breastfeeding tip, I would add to look up lactation consultants or a Mom & Baby clinic before baby is born–qualified help may be needed, especially if one’s friends and family lack experience.

  62. I like Thing 4 – Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant! best. It makes common sense to keep the mother and baby alcohol-free.

  63. Sorry to hear about your difficulties in the past, sending you hugs! The tip I liked was to not drink alcohol or do drugs ! It’s really important for giving babies a good start when they are born!

  64. I liked the tip about not leaving big things for after the baby comes, it makes sense, but may not be an obvious thought.

  65. tip # 3 be prepared: always a very important thing during this stage in a new/to be mother’s life

  66. The best tip “Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant!” because I’ve met people who have severely suffered the consequences. Very sad and unnecessary.

  67. Don’t leave big things to take care of after the baby arrives, this is a very good tip.

  68. Do: Do your own research so you can make educated choices about birth, parenting, etc!

  69. All of these tips are wonderful. I think the tip to not give up on breastfeeding before you try it is definitely one everyone should remember.

  70. Tip #2, though rather unfortunate and somewhat upsetting, is a good one to keep in mind.

  71. The tip about posting a bunch of ultrasound photos. I see these all the time and feel like it’s something special to be shared with the spouse or after the baby is born.

  72. Meh. I disagree with a couple of things. I had no problem drinking a glass of wine here and there, and I had no problem sharing ultrasound photos. To each her own.

  73. I like the don’t over buy. WIth my first two, I had WAY to much. But now I am on baby #3 and just going minimun as i have a pretty good idea on what I need and don’t need. This time around we don’t know babies gender. πŸ™‚

  74. Don’t give up on breastfeeding. I enjoyed breastfeeding and for the first went 3 months and the last 18 months.

  75. I like the tip about being prepared and reading baby books beforehand because I’m always saying that. If you have lot of knowledge about what to expect it makes it so much easier to handle rather than being completely unprepared.

  76. i like that it says to do the big things you want done before the baby comes

  77. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals is the best way to provide your body with all of the healthy nutrients it needs to support a growing baby. A healthy diet alone, however, may not be enough for pregnancy.

  78. When I had my twins, after over 34 hrs of not sleeping because my twins were not getting full, I had to literally throw a temper tantrum to get the nurses to listen to me and give me my baby bottles!! I was only 19 and they were enforcing their opinion to keep breast-feeding instead of letting me makevthe choice! I think if you can try at least 1-2 so babies get Colustrum (?) but after that formula these days is great! Do right is right gor your family as long as you still hold your baby and not prop bottles to develop that bond!

  79. Taking care of as much as possible before the baby arrives is a good point, but no one needs to get carried away. Your baby won’t care if things don’t match perfectly or if you haven’t gotten all of the decor you want for the nursery.

  80. Don’t leave big things to take care of after the baby arrives – this is reaslly important cuz after you bring your baby home, you won’t have time to pee let alone do anything else!

  81. Make your diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Go light on the saturated fat (i.e., red meat and whole-milk dairy) and aim for as few processed foods as possible. Maintain this eating regimen throughout your pregnancy.

  82. I completely agree with the not sharing the ultrasound photo. I showed it to a lot of people, and I never thought about what it might do to others who see it. I tried to show it to my one friend and she said she wasn’t interested. It hurt me, but after a while I found out she was trying to conceive for over a couple years. I felt horrible.

  83. my biggest do was do be prepared, i had clothes washed and the room set up in advance which ended up being really good because little guy came early!

    definitely agree with your tip of DONT drink alcohol, work with someone who did have a glass of wine while pregnant here and there and it made me uncomfortable

  84. I like the tip about not drinking when pregnant. It’s not worth harming your baby over.

  85. I like the don’t give up on breastfeeding until you try it tip! Breastfeeding is wonderful, but it can be very difficult at first! I don’t think that aspect is talked about enough and I don’t think new moms are always given the support to get through the first few weeks of nursing. I think with more open dialogue and more support from family and friends, if moms give it a serious go, many will be successful. πŸ™‚ (I do realize that some ladies really have difficulties and cannot, but I think many are just lacking the support to get started.)

  86. For me- the best advice is not to drink alcohol. Where I live- there is a lot of alcohol abuse and a lot of fetal alcohol syndrome. It’s tragic.

  87. Not only does a varied diet provide you and your baby with all the important nutrients, but an eclectic mix also introduces your little munchkin to new tastes via the amniotic fluid. Of course, if bananas and saltines are the only foods you can stomach in the first trimester, don’t stress about it. “But as soon as you start feeling better, aim for more variety,” says Orlando, Fla., nutritionist Tara Gidus, M.S., R.D. Deep-hued fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, carrots and spinach, tend to be richest in antioxidants.

  88. I would say my favorite is Thing 5. It’s more difficult than we think to add to the family and still try to keep everyone else’s routine “normal”. So, yeah get all the big stuff out of the way before the baby gets here.

  89. The tip about breastfeeding is true, but I would add another–for a variety of reasons, not all women can (or should) breastfeed, and don’t let the current (awful) attitude of ‘mommy shaming’ get under your skin if you happen to be one of them. Those who do it are showing their own insecurities more than anything else.

  90. I like thing 4, don’t drink alcohol while pregnant b/c it’s pretty darn important and so not worth the risk.

  91. We just had a big discussion about the effects of drinking while pregnant in my ECE class, it is really important not to.

  92. I liked thing5 because if all the big things are taken care of before the baby is born than all you will have to do is take care of and enjoy time with your baby.

  93. The gender thing is a big one for me. “Are you having a boy or a girl?” “I’m having a BABY!” Seriously, I don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with gender!

  94. I did not care for rule 6 sometimes woman have a reason not to breastfeed to each their own.

  95. I like the tip about breastfeeding the best. We were given formula in our take home hospital bag but I was determined to breast feed our children, and I did for about a year. Not only is it more nutritious but it doesn’t cost anything.

  96. the life of a mother is the life of the child,
    you are two blossoms in a single branch…
    take this post as a good advice,
    it is not only good for you ,its also for your child…
    cause precaution is better than cure…

  97. I think obviously not drinking while you are pregnant is the right thing.

  98. Don’t give up on breastfeeding before you try it. Dislike. I believe fed is best, and yes I’ve done both…breastfed and formula fed my girls. Who cares how the child is being fed, as long as it’s fed. Support should go both ways, however you decide to feed your child. I’ve been shamed for doing both. If a mother doesn’t want to even try breastfeeding, that’s her choice. Just feed that baby.

  99. You Should Avoid Herpes: Herpes when transferred to the baby during delivery, can lead to severe complications. The easiest way to avoid this possibility is to avoid contracting herpes. If you do have herpes, you should be sure to tell your doctor.

  100. I like about not worrying about gender. My daughter cut out stress by not sharing the name until after SHE was born.

  101. My favorite tip was not to give up on breastfeeding before you try it! I loved breastfeeding our babies & I am so thankful that I was able to!

  102. I like this tip: Breastfeeding requires a lot of work, especially at the beginning, and you have to be prepared for it mentally, and have a good network of help around you to be able to give you that first month when the baby arrives to practice and get on the right track with breastfeeding. I think I’ll give it a try.

  103. do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant. in fact i don’t drink alcohol when i’m not pregnant, it’s bad for you. that’s my favorite tip.

  104. Ouch this hit home. I was 24 weeks pregnant when I lost mine to Trisomy 18. There were many friends who I still had not shared the news with. I chose not to find out the gender but when I knew I lost her I wanted to know. My MW asked me if I was sure and I said yes. It did make it harder as it was a girl and I really wanted a girl.
    Darn it, should not have read this article….

  105. I think that it is most important not to be drinking alcohol while the baby is on the way.

  106. Eat 8 to 12 ounces of seafood per week, choosing from a variety of fish and other seafood. Avoid tilefish, shark, swordfish and king mackerel, and limit white (albacore) tuna to 6 ounces per week. These fish may contain high levels of methyl mercury, which could affect a fetus’s developing brain. Pregnant or breastfeeding women do not need to limit canned light or dark tuna or tuna steaks. In fact, eating at least 8 ounces of seafood per week may help with your child’s visual and intellectual development.

  107. Not leaving things for after the baby is born if they can be done now because there will be almost no time to do anything but take care of the baby and sleep.

  108. My favorite tip is Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant! A baby should have the best start in life and alcohol can cause so many problems or defects.

  109. I agree with the tip When you are pregnant it is great to be prepared.. Prepare early I was a month early and did not have anything for the baby

  110. I agree with not overbuying but the most important in not to drink alcohol, smoke or do any other harmful thing while you are pregnant.

  111. I love the tip that not all pregnancy are the same.Even mine suprised the doctors.

  112. I like the tip that says to be prepared, but do not over buy things such as clothes.

  113. You Should Avoid Hot Dogs: Hot dogs have been implicated in several studies. (Note: It has also been found that children under the age of five who eat more than 1 hot dog a week may have an increased risk of cancer)

  114. I like the tip don’t leave big things to take care of after the baby arrives. Absolutely! Your going to be busy and stressed with the new baby, taking care of big things before just helps with one less thing to do or worry about!

  115. My favorite tip is using formula as a last resort and trying not to give up on breastfeeding, it really is the best way

  116. I liked the tip about not delaying others things such as garage sales since you simply won’t have time for those things after the birth.

  117. This is awesome! Garage sales do take a lot of time to organize and setup, for example, in our community we need to ask for a permission to set up a garage sale. I cannot imagine having a garage sale with a little baby – best to get it done beforehand, or put it off a year or two.

  118. Thank you for your comment! I think it is so important to concentrate on the baby other than all the worries and organizational stuff – find some help!

  119. Oh my! I haven’t heard about hot dogs – good to know – thank you for your information!

  120. Yeah, clothing for babies is something you need, but when you overbuy, you’ll quickly notice that the baby is all grown out of them, and you’ll end up with more stuff in your garage.

  121. Thank you – it is true, every pregnancy is different, so every tip has to be taken with a grain of salt, definitely, and every mother knows best what she wants for herself and her babies!

  122. Wow, it is tough when it gets you not ready. Hope you were able to sort it all out!

  123. So true, the first month for me was the most difficult to get through with the lack of sleep, around the clock feeding, and all the little things to do for the family otherwise – but it is so worth it, isn’t it!

  124. Great advice – thank you so much! I love seafood, but it can be so difficult avoiding it when you have all the cravings in pregnancy!

  125. I am so sorry for your loss! There are more people out there who have had losses than you think. We all have to learn to live with the grief and the pain – it will not go away, it is just there, and we have to try to keep it in that special place. It is important to have those feelings though – our life is not all rainbows an unicorns, sometimes we have to feel the pain – and you are not alone! Sending you warm hugs!

  126. While it might be controversial, I agree with the suggestion to not show ultrasound pictures right away. Personally, I think it’s best to wait to tell anyone about the pregnancy until you reach the end of your first trimester, since the chance of miscarriage goes down then.

  127. I think this is a great tip – to simply delay if you really want to show – show not immediately but in the very end. If you really want to.

  128. Of course, best is never to drink – there is not one single advantage I can see in drinking, but so many do – I just hope they can avoid alcohol in pregnancy at least.

  129. I hope I have convinced you to give it a go! Breastfeeding is not for everyone, but if you have that little bit of help at the beginning – it’s all it takes. If you are able to breastfeed, you should, but it is always a choice, and depends on so many things – not for everybody, definitely!

  130. I definitely agree with the tip about not overbuying, and having a baby shower before the birth! Everything under the sun is touted as a “must-have” and there are many things that can end up just not working for you or baby – start small, get the basics!

  131. Gender is such a minor thing really, at least for some of us. Yet, every conversation I have ever had almost 100% goes to the gender discussion – that is why I put it on the top of this list – somehow seems like people are always into discussing the gender.

  132. Thank you for your comment – this illness should definitely be addressed with a doctor!

  133. Thank you for your comment – it is important, indeed! Hope everyone agrees with that one!

  134. Shaming for feeding your child that is crazy! Shaming for not breastfeeding – not nice! Shaming for breastfeeding – just sad! I think in any situation you are always right as a parent for making the choices that you make. However, simply going with formula straight away without even trying breastfeeding at all – this is what this tip is against. You have to try it before not doing it, otherwise you will never know what it is like.

  135. You got me, girl! Exactly what I am saying! Once you give up breastfeeding – you can’t go back that easily, and that is what those formula companies are trying to do! One more great thing about breastfeeding – it also helps you lose weight! I have lost over 50 pounds for the most part due to breastfeeding.

  136. Of course there are always cases when breastfeeding is not possible – but as long as you are able to give it a try – that is all I am saying. Of course, if you have to go back to work, or don’t have milk, or not able for any other reason – this is not doable, but if you simply don’t want to breastfeed even if you have all perfect conditions to do it – all I am asking is reconsideration. Otherwise, of course, every time to each his own – everyone has their own decisions and we are all free people. πŸ˜›

  137. Thank you for your comment – so true, right! I have so much even now that I am not using – I find the baby marketing companies are always getting me with the new and improved accessories! πŸ™‚

  138. Isn’t it strange when people still don’t listen to this simple idea – do not drink when pregnant – this should be under our control, and an easy one to follow!

  139. I hope this post is not coming off as mommy shaming, as it is not. I hope this post is more like – don’t let formula companies trick you.

  140. I wish I could listen to this advice of my own – I have so much trouble getting organized, I am telling you. Thank God for my nesting instinct that I am able to get some cleaning done before the baby arrives! πŸ™‚

  141. This one comment seems to be popular and uniting – organization is definitely something we all need to work on, all the time. πŸ™‚

  142. That is sad! Alcohol abuse is where it all has to be told time and time again to mothers – these are serious issues that can stem from drinking in pregnancy, and I hope to raise people’s awareness with this post.

  143. I can sign under every word! I understand every mother as long as this is an informed choice, and not a decision made out of misinformation, and convenience. Breastfeeding is honestly very hard at the very beginning – it gets easier as you go!

  144. We hope that people don’t drink around us, but ultimately it is the choice of the mother – we can only hope to encourage people to listen and not to drink.

  145. I like the tip that you shouldnt believe marketing hype. Breast is always best, if that is right for you.

  146. While you are pregnant, you need to follow your doctor’s advice for obtaining yours and your baby’s health. You need to not follow bad stranger’s advice because there is no leg to stand on with getting worried about obscure advice.

  147. Don’t give up on breastfeeding before you try it! I can’t agree with this more.It is so true. DONT EVER give up

  148. I like tip 4 the best. No drinking alcohol during pregnancy. I have 4 kids and didn’t drink when I was pregnant with them.

  149. i love the dont over buy while pregnant. With my first child i bought so much stuff, then I had a baby shower and got a ton more. 60% of the stuff i ended up never using.

  150. That’s great advice – thank you for sharing! I didn’t think about this one, but it is an excellent idea!

  151. That is true! I hope you don’t mean me to be a bad stranger. πŸ™ I am just sharing my own experience mostly, and everyone can take it or leave it. After all, everyone’s decisions are their own decisions!

  152. Thank you – I think these companies are mostly trying to sell their products, and sometimes it is a fine line when marketing becomes a bit intrusive, and steps into mother nature territory – hope the companies stay where they should be with formula – as a support for women who need it, not as a product pusher.

  153. It can be quite hurtful for some people – and that is exactly why I wrote up about it – I think this topic is not discussed enough. Maybe for obvious reasons, maybe for unknown reasons, the grief and miscarriage/stillbirth issues are always hush-hushed, but the pain is often there for people, even you are hush-hushing the topic – that is why I wanted to write about it.

  154. This is true! The peeing issue in particular! Maybe some day I will write a blog post about it – haha! I have a whole system developed here with the baby!

  155. Wow, you got a lot! Hope you got to use it eventually if you got more kids, or shared it with some other Mommies! πŸ™‚

  156. Good for you – neither did I! This is good advice that we hope to share with everyone out there!

  157. Wow, I have never heard of this one! Apples are hard for me to avoid – I love them! How about those marinated apples? πŸ™‚

  158. The first week for me with breastfeeding has always been a torture. First at the hospital, then a little better at home. I had to continue breastfeeding, and working on it, with the help of my family’s support, lactation specialists, and simple time and working on it – it has not been easy by any stretch. I completely understand how difficult it is and can be – and definitely it is your choice to go the bottle way once you have tried breastfeeding and got too frustrated with it – I know how it feels! As long as you try with breastfeeding – and it is not for everybody, for sure!

  159. True dat! Love the criticism! With the wine, it is what the doctors tell us – important stuff.

  160. That is so true! It is great to know everything you can about your pregnancy!

  161. I know – this is true! I had to use a lactation consultant for all of my kids – the beginning for a rough going for us with our babies! We ended up only needing a bit of help, usually 1-2 sessions is all you need to give that confidence, and to get you started off the right track!

  162. Thank you for this comment – I couldn’t agree more! Just a little bit of confidence is all a mother needs to get going with breastfeeding!

  163. Yes, this is not typically what I like to discuss – but it is a great piece of advice! Stool softeners will be very important for the first little while to heal properly, and be able to function!

  164. I agree – just hope that people don’t take this as a preaching post – I am simply sharing what worked for me!

  165. Thank you for such a detailed comment! These are definitely the consequences that women should think about when choosing to drink in pregnancy.

  166. Wow, yeah, I take my hat off for women who go for someone else’s breast milk – that is a very interesting choice! I was in great grief when I lost my boy baby, but did want to donate the milk, but it dried up before I figured out what to do – I kick myself a bit for it!

  167. I agree – thank you for your comment! It is a very easy choice not to drink, and should be an easy choice for future mothers!

  168. Well, nothing is exact science, and has to be 100%. Of course, there will be some pros and cons. This is just what happened with us, and you don’t always think miscarriage and stillbirth when you think about a new baby coming to this world, but it is more common than you think.

  169. I am hoping that I am not making anyone feel bad (well, ok, maybe just some formula companies – a little bit). Of course, having formula is amazing, and it has saved a lot of babies – and it is a great alternative. All I am saying is that if you have options – and could try breastfeeding if you chose to – I encourage you to do this – that is all that I wanted to say with this post – and I hope not to get anyone upset! πŸ™‚ Peace!

  170. Great advice – and it is very important to be followed by a professional physician!

  171. I agree with the advice to take pre-natal vitamins! This was an important part of my daily routine!

  172. Wow, this will be a surprise then for you, like it was with our first one! It is exciting time!

  173. Oh, my, don’t get me started on body pillows! I had to get it for the last two pregnancies – otherwise I could not sleep!

  174. Thank you for sharing your opinion – I appreciate your thought! Sometimes people don’t realize this – hence I decided to write about this side of pregnancy as it is the reality for some.

  175. I definitely like the idea of the baby shower BUT I strongly recommend that you try to get 3-6 months or bigger clothing and diapers. We got a TON of little things that we really only used for a week. I would rather purchase a few onesis and 2 packs of diapers myself for the first little bit and have things that we can actually use!

  176. This is always a great piece of advice – that’s what I tell my kids – make your own choices πŸ™‚