Whenever my family has time off, and it is a rainy day, we like to cuddle up and watch a nice new movie together, always family-friendly.

What is new this week?

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app came out, we downloaded it on our tablet, and started watching to enjoy great music and animation! This app lets you enjoy the music, interact with different scenes of the show, and get acquainted with a timeless story!

First time I have heard Peter and the Wolf by Prokofief was at 1st grade at my school in the USSR. We listened to the music, and had to describe in class what we imagined happened in the story. Now, with the help of this app, my kids can learn about this music, and see the story told in animation, in a modern style of story-telling right on their tablet.

This classical music is still so relevant now – and what a great way to enjoy it – by watching an animated film. My kids loved it! As it is on their tablet, now they can also watch it when we go on trips in the car, and we can all listen to wonderful classical music!

watching Peter and the Wolf with the family

the girls are enjoying watching Peter and the Wolf together

This app is sold right now on iTunes for $4.99. Here is where this app is available – peterandthewolfinhollywood.comWe loved the extra scenes that we got in this app showing how the animation was put together – these details are sometimes more interesting to watch for me, as I have animation studio experience from my childhood. The whole film gives me a lot of flashbacks to some great Russian cartoons as it seems that some of the styles and elements used are based on some old techniques, however, the whole film looks extremely modern, and so relevant today!

I am very glad that I can give my kids a piece of my own childhood, and shed some light at what I used to listen to and learn growing up, and it is presented to them in such a fun and modern way, straight on their most favorite device. I hope you get to download this app as well for a fun activity for your kids to enjoy!

our baby is having fun listening to music from Peter and the Wolf app

the older sisters are enjoying the timeless music of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is a revival of the classic Peter and the Wolf tale brought by acclaimed production company, Giants Are Small. This version brings Peter to Hollywood to meet his hippie grandfather while bringing classical music elements to life. Peter, along with all of the characters in the movie book, are narrated and brought to life by Rock n’ Roll legend, Alice Cooper. Connect with Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood on Facebook and Twitter.

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