So, Father’s Day is coming up! Are you ready? This is always one thing for me that I struggle with – what do I get for my husband for the Father’s Day?

My husband has a very specific taste about everything he likes, and he has it all. He gets himself the best clothing he can find for his budget, and always looks perfect. Heck, my husband dresses better than I do, so the clothing is out – I know I will not get him the right thing no matter what.

Volmate 8-port charger

Volmate 8-port charger

So, what is left? Well, treats are always great, but we get treats anyway daily for each other. Every time we are grocery shopping we get treats – doesn’t have to be sweet treats but something we like. I know my husband well enough now to know what he likes to eat, and he brings me treats as well when he goes shopping – so the treats are out too as they are too ordinary for us.

So, what’s left, really? I know I will always hit the right thing if I get my husband something techie that he doesn’t have yet. Something that can be of interest for him, that he could use, to make his life a little bit simpler, less complicated, in other words.

There are so many gadgets, gizmos out there now, and you can’t possibly have every permutation of every possible item. So, the best way to go about it is to get something that we are always looking for in the house, and desperately need.

Right now it is as simple as getting a wall charger.

We have 3 kids, and each kid has 2-3 devices that continuously need to be charged. Most of these devices can be charged with a USB cable, which is what we mostly use attaching the devices to our computers. However, it may present an issue when we need to move around the house with the said computer, and we cannot have these several devices being dragged with us everywhere. Yes, I walk around with my computer and work on my blogging all day long, every day, what do you think I am doing right about now?

So, what is the solution to the issue of having 7+ devices around that need to be continuously charged? You got it – we need to have a wall charger that can relieve us off of the need to charge the said devices from our computers directly, and that could actually not make us take up the whole socket extension outlet.

Gone are the days of having to use that one little plug for a USB cable that plugs straight into the socket. While it is incredibly useful, it can only support one device at a time.

Would you ever want to charge your devices one at a time? You will never have anything working!

So, what is the solution?

Getting a charger that can help you fit all of your devices in one place!

I am so lucky I have found a great new wall charger for my multiple USB cables. Guess what I am going to give to my husband for the Father’s Day? Don’t tell him! My husband will be super excited as he is the one who is usually responsible for having all of the devices ready and charged when we are going on trips and such, so now I know he will have such an easier time getting everything ready!

You will be wondering what to do with this kind of freedom!

This wall charger I got for him has 8 ports, and allows you to charge the devices you have rather quickly. The charger comes with a safety guarantee from the manufacturer, and can be used for international travel situations. This charger is safe to use – it will not overheat, or spoil any of your expensive technology you got.

Now I know that I will be able to have my e-book readers ready for trips – that’s always hard to get done as I just don’t have anywhere to plug them. What is going to be the excuse for my kids not to read their books if the e-book readers are all ready for them?

This particular 8-port charger I got for my husband is made by Volmate, and is available online now for a very reasonable price – guaranteed to be cheaper than if you were to get a similar device at Apple store – try getting it on Amazon – we get practically everything online now, and it is always such a better deal than in any regular store. Check out this 8-port charger from Volmate here.

Here are some more specifications of this charger:

  • 8 ports
  • total output is 60 Watts
  • CE, FCC and RoHS certified
  • comes with a 5ft power cord
  • a user guide is included if you have any questions

Are you still looking for a Father’s Day gift for your Dad, or your husband maybe? Volmate 8-port charger is currently sold for $29.99 on Amazon, check it out as it can simplify your father’s or your husband’s life by a lot!

Not everyone is able to come up with that perfect Father’s Day gift right off the bat. Well, I have a solution for you – I am starting a new giveaway! If you are not sure yet what to get for the Father’s Day gift this year – see if you can win this bundle!

The Father’s Day bundle is up for a giveaway, so, without further ado, may I present

What do I get this year for Father’s Day Giveaway

What do I get this year for father's day?

In this giveaway you can win the following prizes –

  1. 4-port USB charger ARV $14.95
  2. Selfie Stick ARV $11.99
  3. Water resistant watch ARV $29.99

This prize pack is perfect for any man in your life! Good luck to all! 1 US winner, giveaway runs June 1 – June 15. Total giveaway ARV $56.93

What do I get this year for father's day?

What do I get this year for father's day?
Father’s Day Giveaway on Box Roundup

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