We live in Bothell, a Seattle area suburb. Our area here is very suburban – lots of houses everywhere. In Russia we would call this type of area “sleeping quarters” where people would come back to only at night to sleep. There isn’t a lot to do here on a weekday, but we still find activities for our kids without having to leave the area and go very far.

We have a wonderful place in Bothell called “Country village”. This area is a place where it seems that the life simply stops and you find yourself in a quaint little place full of antique shops, cafes, little village restaurants, and country style entertainment with pony rides, Wednesday fresh food market, and bbq for dinner.

In a few weeks my kids will be finished with their school, and I decided to invite some of their friends for a day at our Country Village to enjoy the sunshine, and have a day of fun. I am making an invitation using an Evite template for their friends and Mommies today to send it out in the next few days, and have everything ready for our summer party of fun, and a day of BBQ.

This design is my favorite so far – http://www.evite.com/event/create?template=hotdogandcorn&event_type=bbq&c=bbq&ctrk=bbq

BBQ evite 1

I am also considering this second design as well –

BBQ evite 2

When we go to Bothell country village, it usually takes us the whole day. We take a bus, and then start our day activities with a cup of refreshments at the Village Bean – they serve Italian soda, and lots of snacks and foods (vegetable and hummus plate is perfect for sharing, they have a great collection of coffee syrups better than some famous coffee chains), and they even have a special play area for little toddlers and kids, so while you are recharging for the day, your kids will have something to do.

After the coffee we usually go around the shops of the village. There is always nice music playing, and you can get your year supply of candles, soaps, and gifts for your friends. There is a great toy store where we usually pick up some new toys for our collection.

When there is still time before lunch we usually go to the playground, and try to take advantage of playing outside before the sun is in full shining swing in the skies. Pony rides and a wagon ride is always something my kids love doing, and it is something we look forward to doing every summer – probably one of the highlights of our Bothell life. Those ponies live right there on a farm behind the village.

Ponies at the Country Village

For lunch we usually head back to the Village Bean or go to the English restaurant right next to the coffee shop. The English tea house has all types of teas available and this is where I truly feel at home – I can enjoy the food I love, without the typical haste of a fast food joint. Bothell Country Village is truly a place where the time has stopped for a day, and where you get to relax, enjoy and breathe in the village calmness and laid back atmosphere. There is no need to rush anywhere, just sit back and enjoy the meal!

After lunch we often get flavored ice at an outside ice-cream shop with picnic tables and simple relaxed atmosphere. You can also grab inexpensive hot dogs here if you like.

After the flavored ice has been eaten we usually take another stroll around the area. One of the businesses in the village is particularly interesting. It’s a ceramic shop called C3, I think one of the best ones in the area. In this shop it is so calm and quiet you can truly have a great time with your family without a crowd of people around. This business has lots of ceramics to choose from that you can color, and pick up in a week or so. My children had a great time last year there, and the ceramics they made were very inexpensive compared to a few other similar shops around. Another great feature of this business is that there is a great variety of items to color – cups, mugs, little plaques, plates, cute gifts. They also carry an in-house selection of handmade candles that fill up the space with incredible scent. I am looking forward to going back this year to enjoy our time with my kids again, and create some great art. This ceramic shop also has a space for birthday parties or celebrations, and I hope that if you are reading this text and looking for birthday ideas for your family, you would consider this place as it is such a quiet and spacious location that your birthday party will never feel cramped or stressed out.

C3 ceramic painting session

The end of the day at the village is usually when we go to shop at the market for fresh veggies, berries, and a few containers of sauces and jams for the week. This market is great as while it is quiet and small, it has all the major items you would want to get at a local market. Bothell Country Village is my favorite mid week Wednesday local area farmer’s market as it has a very good selection of merchants, and you don’t need to shop anywhere else for your food fares.

After a long day having fun at the Country Village we are sometimes ready to pick up some to go food as taking a bus ride home leaves me absolutely exhausted. Lucky there is a great BBQ restaurant at the village with good ribs and mac and cheese for everyone in the family!

If you live in the area and are wondering whether to go to Bothell Country Village, I would like to recommend it. There is lots to do there from dance studios, theater for kids, prom dress shops, quilting shops to art studios, galleries and spa birthday salons.

I know we will have fun with our kids at Bothell Country Village this year again – it is a great neighborhood place to enjoy! We are looking forward to inviting our friends for a day of fun!

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