One of the lines I have recently read that made me kind of laugh was like this, “Why is it that shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time?” Then you go out of sink, and have to buy shampoo and conditioner at different times, and sometimes you end up with different brands if you end up getting one of these on sale, with a coupon or a discount. Not this week – now I have two products from the same line for my hair care!

PriMiracle conditioner

This week I was happy to get another product by PriMiracle to try which is their Professional Line Natural Conditioner. This conditioner has a very similar scent to their shampoo, but this time contains olive oil. The scent of this conditioner is very similar to a forest of evergreens, cedarwood, and lots of fur trees. When I used this conditioner my whole bathroom was filled with the scent of pine, woods, and freshness. I find that this particular scent combination relaxes me a lot, and makes me feel like I am actually at a spa.

PriMiracle conditioner

Today I have taken some pictures with PriMiracle products as I was preparing for a bath at home. I worked a lot last night, and practically all day today and needed those few minutes to myself to relax – I wanted to create a homemade spa experience today, and made a simple lime scented sugar scrub with natural cane granulated sugar, lots of lime juice. I even used a scented candle, and PriMiracle line of products truly helped to create that spa experience.

PriMiracle conditioner

The conditioner is great, very typical texture and feel when you apply it on your hair, and the scent is very memorable. I am glad I got to try this ensemble of products – in a previous post I described PriMiracle shampoo from the same line of products, and I am so happy to be able to experience several of these high end products.

Samples were provided free of charge for testing and a review, This is a sponsored post.

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