I have been showered with a new line of products by PriMiracle, one of them includes Aloe Vera and Argan Oil restorative moisturizing shampoo. I am so happy to tell about it today!

Primiracle shampoo

I am always looking for those better quality products that are not going to hurt me, and will help me restore and maintain the health of my skin and my hair. I have found this new shampoo that I don’t feel guilty using, and that does not have any type of chemicals that will harm my body.

PriMiracle shampoo Instagram

This particular shampoo is safe to use on colored hair, and it does not contain any parabens or sulfates. The scent of the shampoo is very refreshing and incredible.

Because this shampoo also contains Argan oil, I don’t have to use that much oil after washing my hair. I have been using Argan oil for some time now after a shower to help me have some shine in my hair, and keep my hair easy to brush through, as well as soft to touch. I find for me personally Argan oil is a must for a natural and well taken care of look. As I have this new PriMiracle shampoo now, I don’t have to worry about a lot of additional Argan oil, and can safely skip one extra step of my daily routine, and save some time.

PriMiracle shampoo

I think this shampoo is a new gem that I would like to recommend to use. I love the scent of cedarwood and juniper that this shampoo has – it is the kind of quality that you will undoubtedly have to pay about 5 times more for by a brand name. This is a great find if you want to have strong, beautiful, healthy hair, that will both look and feel different – not the same effect as you get from a discounted store brand. This one wins! The scent of this shampoo really reminds me of some high end products I have tried – such a treat!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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