When I researched vitamins, this is what I found… and a giveaway!

Do you take a vitamin a day? Why or why not? Have you thought or read about vitamins lately, what they do or could do to improve your health?

Some people take vitamins in place of veggies and fruits…


Today I wanted to research the topic of vitamins a bit further…

There is so much conflicting research happening now. One group finds something out, and it practically turns the science backwards, or puts the previous science on its head…

In the past we used to take a lot of Vitamin C – so many great qualities were attributed to Vitamin C, and now there is research that Vitamin C alone will not cure you from diseases, and will not improve your immunity to withstand every virus (yes, my grandmother lived by this mantra, back in the days).

Now we have turned away from Vitamin C a lot.

I have also read and heard that Omega 3 fatty acids don’t necessarily do a whole lot for heart issues as it has been claimed before. However, these acids will improve the look of your nails, hair and skin, and could potentially make impact on other health issues. I am not a physician, so what I am saying should and needs to be taken with a grain of salt – always – however, this is what I have heard, so I am saying what I know.

Today I was wondering about multivitamins in general, how can they be helpful. I do take multivitamins myself daily, as I believe they have that key that I need to make sure my health is in check, and instead of trying to catch up with keeping my illnesses at bay, I work more towards prevention, and overall healthy immunity for myself. Of course, you may disagree, but this is my point of view.

My research today showed very interesting new tendencies, here is what I have found….

Taking multivitamins will improve your brain function

According to this study that was performed on healthy women, they have shown improvement in brain function after taking multivitamins within a bit after, and later on, as part of daily regimen. Their brain function was tested to show that they could complete tasks better when taking multivitamins as opposed to taking placebo, in a controlled experiment group. This study shows that brain function and metabolism can be improved through taking a dose of vitamins, either continuously, or one-time.

Vitamin B taken with Omega Fatty Acids can slow brain decline

Another study has shown that Vitamin B taken with Omega Fatty Acids helps people with Alzheimer’s disease and mental impairments to slow down the decline. Eating fish with Omega Fatty Acids protects from developing dementia. Yet another study showed that taking vitamins and micronutrients can delay the onset of dementia and age-related cognitive decline.

While supplements and vitamins can help us a lot with improving our nutrient intake, we should not rely on them solely for healthy diets.

Majority of consumers say supplements help fill nutrient gaps but not viewed as replacements for healthy diet (taken from https://scifeeds.com/journal-article/consumer-attitudes-about-the-role-of-multivitamins-and-other-dietary-supplements-report-of-a-survey/ from a study by Annette Dickinson, Douglas MacKay, Andrea Wong)

Recently I have been taking vitamins by Smarty Pants. They are delicious, and a great addition to my health routine of the day – I usually take them in the morning, and they serve as a treat for me. These vitamins are easy to take, and there is no problem to chew and swallow them for me as they are so easy to eat. Here is some information about these vitamins from the producer,

“SmartyPants Women’s Complete is more than a multivitamin— it’s a multitasking gummy vitamin that delivers 15 essential nutrients, including methylfolate, vitamin K2, CoQ10, vitamin D3, and biotin, plus omega 3 DHA and EPA fish oil—all in one. The gummies are made with premium nutrients, and taste so amazing they just might be your new not-so-guilty pleasure.

Women’s Complete includes the nutrients that are important to women and seem to be hardest to get consistently from diet alone. Each serving is also an excellent source of vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, B5, niacin, iodine, and zinc. We use the forms of these nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. Our fish oil is eco-friendly, and our sweeteners are organic. SmartyPants are non-GMO, contain no synthetic colors, flavors, or preservatives, and are gluten, casein, and allergen-free.”

SmartyPants vitamins

Last week on my monthly Costco trip I noticed they had a tasting of SmartyPants vitamins, and they are now carrying them at our local Costco, too. This is where we often get our vitamins, and it is so great to add these to my list now.

SmartyPants company offered a monthly supply of vitamins for a giveaway on my blog. 1 winner will be selected at the end of the giveaway, and will have to provide a US residential address and phone number to receive the vitamins. The prize is a full month’s supply of SmartyPants vitamins. ARV $32.95

SmartyPants vitamins

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  1. I take a multi vitamin, and fish oil on my eye doctor’s recommendation. Fiber is important to my diet and I don’t seem to be getting enough lately.

  2. I haven’t taken a multivitamin in a while. We try to get all our vitamins through our diet but recent blood tests reveal that I do need to start taking them again.

  3. I have always wanted to try these gummies, thank you for sharing your great thoughts!

  4. That is true – we also try to eat lots of veggies and fruits, but my kids are so picky, I feel like if they don’t take their vitamins, they will just start literally disintegrating.