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Sometimes I see comments on my social media channels where readers are asking me how I make money. I don’t have a full-time job, and one of the ways of monetizing my Internet activities has always been doing surveys.

Why do I do surveys you might ask? Some might even call it a waste of time. Well, I suppose those same people regard mindless watching the news, movies or chatting with friends about daily minutiae as extremely productive, useful activity. And what about farming games, binge watching soap operas or back-to-back late night shows?

Well, there are a few reasons why I like surveys… One reason they are mindless, free to do, and, in fact, they help me make money online. Instead of wasting my time I do relaxing surveys, provide useful feedback to agencies about my life, help impact future products and services, and gain money to spend on dinners out (more relaxing, less food preparing), accessories, and little things I need for the house, and my daily expenses. Sometimes I can do surveys and make enough money to substitute for my day’s amount of work I would have to do blogging!

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While surveys will not pay your mortgage, or finance large bills or purchases, they add up, and, in effect, you gain a money-making hobby where you can do something that is relaxing, and at the same time providing helpful feedback, and money for your daily needs. What’s not to like?

Next question you might want to ask me is what my favorite survey sites are. There are many sites out there, but you have to be careful when signing up, and it is always better to trust the tried and true sources that will send you payments for your efforts.

I have used Opinion Outpost before, and I can vouch that it gives you good survey options to choose from, and they always have plenty to choose from. I recommend trying out Opinion Outpost, and you might just find that you don’t need to search for any other!

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The advantages of Opinion Outpost to me:

  • there is no signup fee
  • the site is easy to join, and the initial questions will allow them to setup your login based on your interests, and the surveys will be customized to your data
  • you get paid for each survey that you complete
  • compensation is in highly sought after Amazon, iTunes gift cards or even Paypal cash
  • even if your answers do not allow you to complete the survey and you don’t qualify, you are still entered to win in a quarterly prize draw of $10,000 – I certainly appreciate this feature as I am a sweeper as well
  • if you would like to participate in surveys for a good cause, you can request Opinion Outpost to donate your earnings to the American Red Cross

The best times for me to do surveys is when I am in the passenger seat of the car, taking a bus, waiting, or simply relaxing at home. It is always great to know that I can make a few dollars here and there with surveys – they don’t require a lot of thinking, are easy to do, and do not require any advanced knowledge or degrees. If you have a few minutes in a day, and are looking for a useful relaxing activity online, try Opinion Outpost.

Let me know in your comments whether you have tried Opinion Outpost before, or any other survey sites, and how you like them.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Survey Sampling International in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.


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